Illegals Trying to Cross Border are Sent Back Within Two Hours

The Democrats hate the fact that the borders are essentially closed right now because of the coronavirus. They had issues with the fact that President Trump wanted to restrict the borders before the virus even started to make people sick.

In fact, the Democrats wanted to open the borders and let people freely march into the country without even being stopped for identification. They hate America and it shows in all of their policies and decisions to try and shut down the United States.

But the virus has done a major service to the country. It is terrible that so many have died and have gotten sick. But one good thing is that there have been no more illegals making their way into the country.

It is being reported by the Department of Homeland Security that 80 percent of the illegals coming to the border are being told to go home. They cannot enter the country because the rules that govern the border right now are in place to save American lives.

The illegals were flooding over the border infected with the coronavirus. In a way, they were attacking the American people with biological weapons. Their desire is to feed off of Americans to make their living. They strive to take American jobs.

What better way to do that than to make them all sick. Sadly, that is what the Democrats want for the American people. They want open borders so illegals can take what does not belong to them. The Democrats want open borders, so the American people are exposed to all the third world sicknesses that are around.

President Trump has stood in their way with the way he has protected the people of America. Ken Cuccienelli, has stated that the numbers of illegals have not been as low as they are now in many years. He stated that all the illegals that have been showing up illegally are being turned away. They are sent back home.

He stated that “Just look at April — 80 percent of the people [Customs and Border Protection] apprehended at the border were returned back over the border in an average of under two hours. That’s astonishing.”

He also stated that simply infuriates the Democrats “In the last six weeks, the Border Patrol has been implementing a health order rather than immigration law.”

The Democrats cannot speak out against a health order. If they do, they will appear to be heartless towards the American people which in turn kills the reelection chances. For the Democrats, it is all about image and power during an election year.

One report showed that “a total of 16,789 enforcement actions on the U.S. southern border in April, according to the latest data provided by CBP. That number marks a 50% decline in enforcement actions compared to March and a huge drop from the more than 109,000 actions taken in April 2019.”

These numbers are because a president that loves America has fixed the rules to protect the people. He is protecting them from foreign invasion of illegals.

The CDC, by the direction of the president, gives the border patrol the right to turn away people that are deemed non-essential. There is no reason for anyone to be crossing the borders during a health crisis.

The pandemic has been the Democrat’s worst nightmare as it relates to immigration. It has shown that securing the border can take place and there would be no one to argue the point.

Over the past year, it was not uncommon to see over 20,000 people in custody for illegal crossings. Cuccinelli stated that “Imagine bringing one COVID-positive person into that environment. That is not good for those migrants, it’s not good for the Border Patrol agents who work there nor that community because it’s that community’s health care system that absorbs those people when they get sick.”

His point is that there would have been major issues if the president did not protect not only the American people but also the immigrants trying to gain access to the country.