Illegals are Refusing to be Tested for the Virus

The Democrats have betrayed the United States over the years as they have brainwashed illegal immigrants into believing that they have rights in America. Immigrants all over the country demand rights and even act like they can refuse an order of the border agents that control their entry into the country.

As the virus made its move into the county it became extremely vital that all immigrants undergo testing to keep the deadly sickness from coming over the borders. But now it seems that some of the immigrants have bought into the propaganda of the Democrats and refuse to be tested.

Illegals that have been detained in Massachusetts thought that they could refuse to test for the virus. Instead of submitting to the test they formed a rebellious gang and rushed ICE officials. Their reckless behavior and brainwashing at the hands of the Democrats caused over $25,000 in damages. The illegals also barricaded themselves in an attempt to keep from being caught.

10 inmates were said to have become infected in the center. The rest of the illegals were told to submit for testing and that is when the trouble started. When the time came for testing they violently rushed at Sheriff Thomas M Hodgson and others that were around.

The violent actions of the immigrants show that they have no desire to obey the laws of the country. All they want is to be let into the country so they can cheat and suck the life out of American citizens.

The illegals took it upon themselves to destroy pipes, destroy the washing machines, busted up windows, and ultimately destroyed the unit. When special forces showed to help the criminals attacked them as well. The correction officers and K9 units fought for their lives at the hands of immigrants trying to lie their way into the country.

Over time the security officers were finally able to take out the violent criminals. The $25,000 in damage that they did was done because they did not want medical help. Sheriff Hodgson stated that “This all started because a group of 10 detainees each reported having at least two symptoms of COVID-19. The health care professionals told them they had to be tested in the medical unit because of the reported symptoms. The detainees refused to go to the medical unit for testing. Our medical team alerted me, and I advised the detainees that for their health and the health of fellow detainees and our staff, they needed to be tested at the medical unit.” Illegals have proven that they have no intention of obeying authority.

Sheriff Hodgson also stated that “The detainees refused to comply, became combatant and ultimately put the lives of themselves and many Bristol County officers at risk with their reckless actions.” The violence proves the president’s case for a more secure border. The increased human trafficking and drug run attempts only make it more vital that people are stopped before they can ever cross the border.

It was reported that only a few inmates suffered an injury. There were no other people that suffered at the hands of these illegals. They are all expected to make a complete recovery. Even after all their failed attempts to riot they still failed in their goal. They are all now in single cells and they will still be tested for the coronavirus. They will also be charged with more criminal charges.

Todd Lyons is the acting office director of ICE’s ERO division. He stated that the officers “who responded rapidly and professionally to de-escalate a volatile situation, limiting injuries and further damage to the facility and restoring order.” Their actions are the standard of all agents that protect the country.

President Trump has pushed for a secure border for his entire term as president. But the Democrats have fought hard to stop him at every turn because they side with the illegal aliens. These are people that hate America and want to see the country come to ruin. America has been made great again by one of the best presidents to ever sit in the White House.