ICE Captures Child Abuser Sanctuary Cities Felt Safe To Release

Sanctuary cities are found all over the country, set up by the bleeding heart liberals who think it’s their job to “protect” the immigrants who are here illegally. The problem is that many of these illegal immigrants hiding in the sanctuary cities are hardened criminals who have committed heinous crimes.

Luckily, we have ICE. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is designed to find and capture illegal immigrants to process them out of the country – or hold them accountable for their crimes. The Dems aren’t too fond of ICE since they’re actually doing their job and dealing with the immigration problem that has been plaguing the United States for entirely too long.

The newest problem took place in North Carolina when the Democratic Sherriff from Buncombe County refused to work with ICE. The sheriff released Marvin Orlando Ramirez Torres despite being identified as a criminal alien who had an ICE immigration detainer, identifying Torres as a removable alien.

ICE was able to capture Torres despite not getting help from the sheriff’s department. ICE also released a statement to condemn the department for releasing a “serious public threat” into the community of Asheville where he could have harmed others.

Matt Albence, the acting ICE Director, explained that what happened in North Carolina is another example of how public safety is clearly being threatened because local sheriff policies are choosing not to cooperate with ICE. Refusing to cooperate with ICE is only allowing aliens who have committed serious criminal offenses to hide within certain counties and evade federal authorities.

When there are “misguided sanctuary policies” as Albence explains, it puts residents of the sanctuary cities in danger.

Torres, the individual that the sheriff’s office decided to release, was originally arrested in May 2017 after taking “indecent liberties” with an 11-year-old girl. He was sentenced to his time and released from jail on Tuesday. ICE had already sent a detainer request for Torres during the time that he was in custody. However, the sheriff’s office chose to release Torres instead, stating that ICE had failed to obtain an arrest warrant.

It seems as though the sheriff’s office is more than a little misguided. Federal trumps state and certainly trumps county. That’s the way that it works, and it’s the way that it will always work. As such, a county should not be concerning themselves in what ICE has “failed to do.” Torres is on the list of those who need to be removed from the country, which means that an arrest warrant isn’t needed. He would need an arrest warrant if he was a legal immigrant, but he is not. Since he is in the country illegally already, he does not have the same set of rights as American citizens.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office should know all of this. They probably do, too. However, they have been brain-washed by too many Dems who think that they need to be civil vigilantes and “protect” the illegal immigrants, even when they are sex offenders who make victims out of 11-year-old girls. It seems as though Buncombe County would rather protect an illegal immigrant from El Salvador than the young girls throughout Asheville who may end up being victimized by the man.

This begs the question, too, that if he were to break the law again and take liberties with another underage girl, would the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office release him over to ICE if given the chance again or would they continue to sit back and watch the sexual offender continue to break the law?

Too many Dems don’t seem to get it. ICE is a department involved in dealing with illegal immigration. “Illegal” is the keyword there as it means that the people are in the country illegally. Every year, millions of people become legal residents. No one in the country is preventing people from entering. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

ICE never had the issue that they do now when Obama was in office. The problem is that Dems don’t want to let Trump have a “win” when it comes to immigration. They’re so hate-filled over Trump that they would rather allow men like Marvin Orlando Torres to roam the streets and commit sexual offenses against minors than turn them over to ICE so that they can be removed from the country. If they did that, Trump would win.

Dems end up becoming monsters, allowing criminal illegal aliens to hide out in sanctuary cities, putting every legal resident in danger of coming face to face with a hardened criminal who feels as they have nothing to lose.