Hypocrisy of CNN: Reporter Blasts Beach-goers for Doing the Same Thing he’s Doing at That Moment

CNN continues to lie and cheat their way through the headlines that they post every day. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, which is why they have forever been deemed the Clinton News Network. Their inability to tell a story without a left-leaning bias is awe-inspiring on most days.

As they report on the pandemic, they continue to show that they are hypocrites. It seems almost laughable that they can’t bother to get their facts straight for five minutes before they turn on the camera.

CNN reporter Gary Tuchman has fashioned himself into quite an expert on the coronavirus. He walked around the Gulf Shores beaches in Alabama. With a mask on the whole time, he felt quite proud of himself.

What Tuchman may not realize is that the CDC only recommends wearing a mask when people are in public settings such as grocery stores and pharmacies. A mask is recommended when social distancing measures are nearly impossible. When it comes to people being outside, under the sun, masks don’t need to be worn. When running, walking, and more, it’s best to not have a mask on as the mask can make it harder to breathe.

As long as people are maintaining the necessary social distancing of six feet, especially outside, no mask is needed.

However, Tuchman is a CNN reporter, so he’s not going to listen to common sense spouted by the CDC. He’s a pandemic expert, after all.

Tuchman spent some time interviewing beachgoers, asking if they had concerns about not wearing a mask. He identified that there was a “grand total of zero” people wearing masks. He seems surprised by this, despite being outside.

The best part about this is that, after the piece aired, people sent in photos that they took from Gulf Shores on the day that Tuchman was filming with his cameraman. The cameraman wasn’t wearing a mask. Further, Tuchman was only wearing a mask when the camera was rolling. As soon as the cameraman’s camera left his face, so did his mask.

CNN continues to set standards that they, themselves, fail to follow. Tuchman is the epitome of what’s wrong with CNN. Their level of hypocrisy regarding the pandemic is almost too much, and it’s why Republicans refuse to believe anything that the network airs.

He shames people at the beaches for not wearing a mask when he isn’t wearing one off-camera, either. Perhaps he should have at least balanced it by allowing beachgoers to wear a mask while they were on camera.

Tuchman isn’t the only CNN reporter guilty of being a hypocrite. The CNN mask shaming continues with Chris Cuomo. He wears a mask when on camera and, then, rips it off as soon as he’s done with an interview. White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins shames people on Twitter for not wearing masks, though she’s been caught countless times tearing off her mask as soon as a briefing is over.

CNN has only proved that they’re in it to create scare tactics. Maybe if they can show that enough people aren’t wearing masks, they can scare people into wearing them more. But why? They’re not wearing masks all the time. The CDC doesn’t even suggest that people wear masks everywhere, all the time.

Tuchman is probably one of those people who, if on camera, would even drive down the highway wearing a mask. Even though the CDC and others have warned not to drive while wearing a mask, Tuchman would do it because he’s not listening to the facts.

He’s got his own agenda, and he’s not afraid to play with the facts to manipulate the media toward the left. He’s a shining example of what is wrong with CNN. At least the beachgoers in Alabama had the common sense to take photos of Tuchman not wearing a mask so that the hypocrisy could be shared with the rest of the country.