Hunter is Forced to Explain a Child’s Simple Question to His Struggling Dad

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It’s only natural for children to help out their aging parents, right? But what about when that parent is the President of the United States?

Yes, it seems even POTUS needs a helping hand and more than a few clarifications from a loyal child. And when that President is Joe Biden, the need is almost constant, as official White House transcripts and numerous videos can attest to.

Now, to be clear, Biden usually gets this kind of help from all sorts of people, which is clearly problem number one with this scenario. The other, of course, is that the man helping in this instance happens to be his, Hunter Biden, a man not exactly known for his dependability or responsibility.

It happened in Dublin, Ireland, where Biden and his son recently traveled to, along with the United Kingdom. On Wednesday, the two landed in Dublin. As was planned, a line of embassy staff, children, and firefighters waited to greet him and ask some questions.

Among one of those questions was one from a child, asking about what it took to be successful. But Biden couldn’t understand the question.

Now, from the audio taken below, the question is a little hard to make out. However, it certainly sounds like the child asks, “What’s the top step to/for success?”

And Biden seems to hear the child just fine because he repeats the question before admitting that he doesn’t understand what they are discussing.

“What’s the top steps – steps to success? Well – making sure that we all don’t have COVID. Why? What are they talking about?”

It’s here that Hunter quite uncharacteristically jumps in to help his struggling dad out.

Hunter is heard saying, “To success. Like, what’s the, what’s the, what’s the key to success?”

At this, the elder Biden’s light bulb finally turns on, and he understands.

“Oh! What’s the key to success? You what I found out the key to success is? The key to success is, whenever you disagree with someone, it’s OK to question their judgment, whether they’re right or wrong. But it’s never OK to question their motive.”

It’s noted that the President was practically shouting his answer.

Now, as I mentioned above, the fact that a son stepped in to clearly help what is an aging father isn’t really a problem. What’s so wrong about this situation is that the aging man in question is supposed to be the guy leading the United States of America, as well as the free world.

And yet, he needs help understanding a simple question from a child.

What’s worse is that this is not the only time that Hunter is needed to step in during their short trip. Hell, it’s not even the only time that day. As the official White House transcript proves, Hunter had to correct his father or clarify things for him on a number of occasions that day, including one time when he corrected the elder Biden on which Carolina the late Senator Jesse Helms was from.

In another, Hunter had to remind his dad that he was supposed to be shaking hands and greeting people from behind a rope line. Of course, this was also the same day President Biden seemed to not know where his office was located.

Transcripts say he said the “United States Capitol,” but that would mean the Capitol Building, where his office most certainly is not. But it’s just as likely Biden meant the US “capital,” meaning the city of Washington, DC. And while this would be true, it’s also rather insulting to any audience to assume that they don’t know the White House is in the US Capital.

In either case, it’s not a good look for the leader of the free world. And neither is having his son “help” him to understand even the simplest of questions.