Hundreds of Military Explosives Found in Home in California

One can only wonder what is happening to the once glorious state of California. Ever since the liberals took control a few years back the state has fallen into a state of despair and desperate need. Thousands of people have been forced out of their homes by the Democrats as prices rise and income drops. Thousands more have been forced to live with power as the crazy governor blames them for starting the wildfires because they used their air conditioners.

Maybe this is what led one man to grow a hoard of weapons and explosives in his own home. The stash of weapons was discovered only after the man had passed away of old age. Upon entering his home people found military-grade explosives and weapons. Of course, the wacky liberals panic and evacuate hundreds of people from the area. Law enforcement in Stockton is wondering how the man came to own such a large number of weapons.

The deceased man is the hero of many people that believe the right to bear arms is a fundamental right of being an American citizen. He just proved that a person can own explosives and live peacefully in a community with neighbors. He just proved that it is not weapons that kill people. It is the loony liberals that cannot get along with others that end up pulling the trigger to take a life.

The amount of weaponry ended up being so great that people from Travis Air Force Base and the police bomb squad had to be called in. One police officer from Stockton named Joe Silva stated that “They just left about an hour ago just because of how many types of devices are still in the home, they had to go back and get additional personnel.”

The shock of all the weapons in this home is just mind-blowing to some people. Democrats cannot understand why owning assault weapons is necessary. They really cannot even tell anyone what it truly is by way of description. But for the person that knows how to use it the weapon is a privilege and right to own. This man was within his right to own and possess such weaponry. The Constitution does not list out what kind of “arms” people can own. It just guarantees the right to have them.

The liberals are acting like this event is worse than the plague. To them, any kind of weapon is a threat to their anti-American agenda. As the day began to unfold residents from at least 20 or more homes were evacuated. Just in case one of the bombs would go off. The evacuees were being treated like war refugees as they were funneled into a Red Cross shelter. There was no need to go to such great lengths just to remove a few bombs. They had been sitting there for some time without issue.

Officials were claiming that people were evacuated for their safety, which only shows that law enforcement truly cares about people. Another reason not to believe off the wall liberals that claim that police and border agents are the enemies. Law enforcement of all kinds are people just trying to keep others safe.

Silva also stated that for each device “You have to look at each device, determine if it’s live or not and then figure out exactly how you’re going to move it out of the residence.” This kind of care is the kind that law enforcement uses to protect life. For one neighbor named Daniel Boyd, he was glad that he had such a neighbor. He alluded to the fact that he liked to believe “his neighbor would have used the weapons to help protect them if they had needed it.”

The man that owned the weapons smiled and waved at everyone. To his neighbors, he was a nice guy that was just fine to live around. The weapons were not a problem for the people. They are only a problem for the Democrats and liberals that are trying to turn America into a socialist and unarmed nation. This man is proof that they will have a fight on their hands if they try to take what Americans have as a fundamental right.