How Defiant Iran Thought They Duped President Trump

The United States has deemed Iran a terrorist nation. They attack the innocent and kill the helpless. Once their terrorist’s deeds are done they claim that they were provoked into killing and harming others. They even do things under the cloak of night. They attack defenseless tankers and oil fields.

To these acts, they would claim that it is in retaliation of the sanctions that have been placed on them as a nation. The sanctions are to keep them from arming themselves with nuclear weapons. Powerful weapons that they would use to destroy more than a few people. They would murder millions.

President Trump has been working hard to get the nation to the table for negotiations. But they have refused to come. Instead, they attack the helpless and threaten others to help them in their cause against the free nations of the west.

Iran has found a back door to sell their illegal oil. They are using rogue nations or pressuring neighbors to help them in their quest for nuclear terrorism. The oil they sell is not used to help their people, but rather to fund their weapons program.

Iran claims that its people are starving because they cannot sell their oil. Their people are starving because they do not care about them. All Iran wants is nuclear weapons. They say one thing to the world while behind the scenes they are quietly operating in the dark. They have recently announced that they have found a way to sell their oil.

But this the world already knew. It is just that they are now letting the known facts out to the public. This is nothing more than a posturing move on their part. They want people to think that they are holding their own against the United States. But the truth remains that their people are starving and their leaders do not care.

Iran’s nasty Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri stated that “Despite America’s pressure … and its imposed sanctions on our oil exports, we continue to sell our oil by using other means … when even friendly countries have stopped purchasing our crude fearing America’s penalties.” The insane amount of lies that he spoke is spilling out.

He wants people to believe that other nations fear the United States. He has branded America as a bully nation that threatens others when they do not do what the United States has commanded. The truth is Iran is the one killing innocent people. The United States does not attack innocent people because they can.

President Trump saw through the lies of Iran when he pulled the country out of the terrible deal that Obama got the country into. Under the treaty, Iran was supposed to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. They never did.

They secretly had hidden facilities and nuclear material that they were working with. The treaty was just a way for them to appear to be complying. But they were working on their weapons of murderous warfare.

Mike Pompeo stated that the sanctions were effective. So much so that many people in Iran have begun to riot against their government. He went on to say that “The good news is, in spite of what the world told President Trump – that American sanctions would not work – the world was wrong. The sanctions have been incredibly effective.”

If the sanctions are not working as Iran claims, then they really would not be making such a fuss about them being in place. The sanctions are effective and the proof is in the statements of Iran’s leadership.

The deal that Iran must work for is broader and has a lot more details to it than the last fake treaty. But this is one effort where America stands alone in doing what is right. Many of the other nations have not imposed their sanctions because they are afraid of tiny Iran. The plan remains to remove all oil export money from Iran’s hands.

Until they return to the negotiating table with President Trump. The world has been duped by nasty Iran. But the United States has seen through their lies and is moving to correct a major injustice made years ago by stupid Obama.