How Biden Set Women Back 92 Years


Ever wonder what life was like for women back in 1930? Well, you might actually be surprised to learn that it’s not all that unlike what life is like for women in 2022.

Women could officially vote and more and more of them were allowed to enter the workforce, albeit for not the wages as their male counterparts. But for most women, it just wasn’t feasible to leave home.

You see, to do so for any real amount of time, a number of products had to be invented.

First and foremost was the tampon, which suddenly made it possible for women to leave the home during their monthly cycle and not have to worry about ruining clothes or making a mess at work.

The second invention was that of baby formula. Obviously, this helped working mothers be able to feed their young children even when time or natural milk production was short on supply. Suddenly, babies could be left with a sitter who wasn’t also nursing and still get fed while mom was able to go to work and help provide for her family.

And yet, as many mothers and working women of today are finding out, both of those products are about as available as they were back in 1930 before they had even been invented or were so newly dreamed up that they were not that easy to find or get access to.

Enter 2022 and the age of Biden…

As you well know, especially if you are a mother, baby formula has been nearly impossible to find just about anywhere. And Biden has admitted that the shortages are due to his negligence and incompetence.

The same could also be said of tampons at the moment.

As one woman told CNN, she’s been forced to order her tampons from online stores like Amazon. And while she can actually find them, she’s “getting price gauged.”

Time reported that sales from Procter & Gamble’s feminine care products are up some 10% right now, the largest jump the company has seen in decades. Naturally, this is because of our supply and demand problem, in which Biden used all the materials for tampons and other feminine products to create more masks…

Demand is high, and supply is low. But because things like tampons are a must for women, the company and others know that women will just keep buying them – even if the prices are ridiculously high. (You know, kind of like gas, as well as baby formula.)

But wait; wasn’t one of Biden’s main campaign promises that he wasn’t going to make life better for American women?

Why yes, it was. In fact, Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign website devoted an entire page, complete with an 11,000-word speech, to making promises to women – all of them he has not held himself accountable.

At the top of his list of promises was, of course, to “improve economic security” and “fighting for equal pay.” To be sure, it’s a noble idea, and one many presidents have vowed to work towards.

But when tampons are so hard to find that you can’t leave home for a few days a month or when there is no way to feed your baby besides you staying at home, how is a woman supposed to be made more secure in the workforce or given equal pay?

Biden’s second promise was that he would “expand access to health care and tackle health inequities.” Health care, huh? What do you think tampons are? In fact, the FDA even classifies them as Class II medical devices…

He also promised to create better work/home balances for women. Well, I mean, if you have to stay home all the time because of hungry children or because you’re afraid to leak through your clothes, that’s more time at home, right? Although it’s not much of a balance…

Next, he promised to “end violence against women.” Wait, are you telling me Biden actually knows how to do this and has kept it from the American public all these years?

The last promise I will get into says he will “protect and empower women around the world.” Now, I don’t know about women around the world. But I’m pretty sure shuttering women at home because they have no other way to feed their children or prevent stained work clothing isn’t exactly empowering. And it’s certainly not very protective.

Welcome to 1930, ladies!