House Democrats are Rushing to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

The drama that the wacky Democrats are creating about President Trump’s tax returns is just hilarious. The Democrats have been drooling for three long years to get a peek at the president’s tax returns and when he refused to let the wild Democrats see the returns it drove the devils mad.

So much so that they have tried just about every legal and blackmail style method to get them. Now, after all the drama, the Democrats are trying to make everyone believes that it is no big deal that they don’t have them. But this is so far from the truth of their devilish desires that everyone is laughing at their childish reactions to being stonewalled again.

Richard Neal who is the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is now stepping back and trying to build his case after three years of embarrassing attempts. He wants to all of a sudden be civil and work with the president to get the returns.

Another laughable attempt at Neal trying to see what he is allowed to examine. The Democrats had their chance to make a difference in the country when the took the House, but they have lost that opportunity. They pursued things that made them look terrible.

The dumb Democrats like nasty Neal believe that just starting over is the way they are going to get what they want. They are like a toddler that was told no so the toddler tries a different approach to get what he wants.

Neal believes that by starting over and sending a letter to the IRS requesting the returns will somehow get the president to say yes the Democrats can have them. This is another laughable outcome that the Democrats are hoping for.

Neal has even indicated that it may not happen at all this month. He wants to settle down and let things calm down before attempting again. But in the background are a bunch of drooling Democrats pressuring him to do it now.

Neal believes he is the only one that has the right to see them, but he is not the one that can see them. They are not his to see because he is not Donald Trump. Neal also thinks the image will get him the returns. He does not want to appear too needy like the Democrats but doesn’t want to push them away.

Steve Rosenthal who is a tax return expert believes that waiting just plays into the president’s hand. Of course, good ole Steve would like to see them as well. He would be one that would push Neal to hurry up the process.

Steve is a man that believes that the president is just going to tie the issue up in court until he is out of office. Which is the president’s right to do so? He has the right to protect what is his and what is his families.

One spokesperson for the Treasury stated that the committee can make such requests. But there is a hitch to such requests. There must be a legislative reason for the request. In the past three years, the committee and the freaky Democrats have failed to come up with a reason because there is not a good one to make such a request.

Neal is foolish to even try to pursue this issue any further. He would do better to get on with other things for the sake of the nation. President Trump has proven reliable and honest in other matters. There is no reason to think that he is hiding something in his returns.

The dumb Democrats have even held secret meetings to develop their “strategy” in getting what they want. It just goes to prove that they meet behind secret doors to try to devise ways of screwing over the innocent and rest of the nation.

Bill Pascrell is part of this secret committee and has stated, “We have thought about some things which I’m not going to communicate.”

He believes he has found a way to get something that is not his to look at. The only thing that he could do now try an illegal method. That would not look good for the floundering Democrats.