Homegrown Muslim Terrorist Training Camp Is Uncovered In Alabama

Muslim terrorist training facilities are being scoped around the United States. Authorities have recently uncovered a second facility being managed by the son of jihadist Imam, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. The camp was located by the FBI near Tuskegee, Alabama.

While there aren’t a lot of details being released about the training camp, it does contain what many consider to be a makeshift obstacle course built in a military-style.

The second facility was uncovered by researchers at WPMI-TV. This happened after going through a variety of legal documents. While it was reported to the FBI on April 29, the national media only picked it up in the past few days. Why such a big story is not getting the attention that needs is part of the problems with liberal media. They would rather complain more about what Trump is doing than uncovering the fact that there are Muslim terrorist training camps showing up around the country.

The court file that was uncovered connected a property to an allegedly terrorist training camp in New Mexico – nearly 1400 miles away. After following clues from the cryptic court filing, land records showed that the Alabama property belonged to the accused terrorist Wahhaj. Many of the items discovered on the property in Macon County was very similar to what was found in New Mexico.

It is believed that the group spent at least a few weeks on the property. Trash, tires, respirators, and even children’s toys were found left behind.

It is possible that federal authorities made the connection to the property in Alabama as early as 2017 when Wahhaj crashed a Ford Explorer in rural Alabama about an hour and a half away from the property. When this happened, the FBI found guns, a bag of ammunition, and a bulletproof vest. Wahhaj and a friend told the police that they were camping in New Mexico 1400 miles away. Eight months later, the compound in New Mexico was raided.

Five Muslims were indicted by a federal grand jury in New Mexico. These Muslims allegedly trained children to carry out various killing sprees. Additionally, they were formally charged with terrorism-related offenses as well as kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder.

The list of defendants were all in their mid-30s to early 40s. They are related by blood or marriage to Wahhaj.

The five individuals were arrested when the military training compound was raised in Taos County, a remote part of New Mexico. 11 filthy, hungry children were found living in squalor at the compound. These were the children being trained to commit mass shootings. According to court documents, the shootings would have happened at schools. Additionally, the remains of a three-year-old disabled boy were also found on the property. Later, it was identified that it was the son of Wahhaj.

The indictment documents accused the defendants of kidnapping the disabled boy in Georgia and transporting him to New Mexico. Many of the defendants were previously brought up on conspiracy and weapons charges.

Wahhaj’s father is a notoriously holy man for the Muslim faith. Wahhaj St was close to the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, the same individual responsible for bombing the World Trade Center in 1993 leaving seven people dead. Wahhaj was responsible for testifying as a character witness for the Sheikh, identifying him as a respected scholar.

While Dems and the liberal news would like people to believe that mass shootings are happening around the country because Trump is spreading hate, the reality is that there are terrorist cells belonging to Muslims in a variety of different states.

Imam Wahhaj was once a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ national advisory board. Leveille, one of the other five defendants, depicts herself as a prophet, claiming to receive divine messages from the angel Gabriel.

The investigation is continuing in Alabama to find out if the militant camp is still being used or if it has been moved to somewhere else in Alabama – or somewhere else in the country altogether. With this group seeking to recruit and train individuals, including a number of minor children, they are showing that armies of jihad will die as martyrs.

Why is this kind of news being covered up? It’s terrifying to know that this isn’t the first militant camp happening in the United States. This is the second one uncovered by the FBI, belonging to the same group. While many people want to think that it’s okay to practice any kind of religion, it isn’t okay when it puts millions of innocent Americans at risk of being mass murdered.