Hockey Coach Demands Respect for The National Anthem

“Hockey is one of the few sports that has not been infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome. No snowflakes, just ice.”

This was the statement given by Fox News when they covered the story of a Hockey coach whose video went viral.  The video was posted last month and, recently they interviewed the hockey Assistant Coach John Krupinsky who coaches the minor league team, the Hat Tricks in Danbury, Connecticut.

For the last couple of years, since Colin Kaepernick decided he was going to disrespect America by not standing and taking a knee during the National Anthem, Coach Krupinsky’s blood has been boiling along with many Americans.

Women’s soccer players and other sports teams and multiple team players of the NFL decided they wanted to protest too.  The problem is not the protesting, or what the protesting is concerning.

It is about the disrespect of every single American, the servicemen who fought and died for this country, for the flag, and for this country.  Everyone has the right to protest, but it should never happen during the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem.  In a nutshell, it is not about the protest, it is how the protest is conducted.

For the first day of camp, with the hockey team, the assistant coach was videoed giving his speech to the team inside the locker room.  He made it very clear to his team that kind of junk was not going to be tolerated on the team.

In his heart to heart speech he stated, “We’re not women’s soccer.  We’re not the NFL.  If there’s anybody here who is going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f**k out now because you’ll never see the ice in this arena.  We don’t have that problem in hockey. We’re better than that, but there was no sense in wasting anybody’s time if that sh*t was going to happen.  We’re the most patriotic sport they have out there.”  Fox News wrote a report stating, “That’s what we call a Make America Great Again Truth Bomb on ice.”

At the latter part of this week, Coach Krupinsky was also interviewed on “The Todd Starnes Radio Show.”  He was questioned by Starnes about the video and his thoughts on it going viral all across social media.

The coach responded,  “I thought it would get shared around town, maybe, but I never expected 6.5 million people.  Coaches have a responsibility to keep their team squared away.  We are fortunate to be in a place where we are a patriotic team and city.”

The most recent of the disrespect and ignorance was Megan Rapinoe from the U.S. Women’s soccer team who recently won the World Cup, was also protesting by taking a knee during the National Anthem.  For a United States sports team, this angered many Americans.

During the “Star-Spangled Banner,” Rapinoe refused to put her hand on her heart.  This also angered Coach Krupinsky.  When he saw how one of the team members dropped the American Flag on the ground after the championship, team member Kelley O’Hara raced to pick up the flag off the ground so no further desecration was given.

She was praised on social media for saving the American Flag.  Coach Krupinsky stated, “I feel bad for the team.  Even Megan, she could’ve been one of America’s most beloved players.  It’s too bad.  I don’t think everybody on that team is reflective of that. Pretty sad.”

The coach mentioned out of all the responses he received from the video, there was one that meant the most to him.  Kruprinsky stated, “I love Sean Hannity, and to have him talk about it (on the radio,)  that’s the Holy Grail for me.”

Many people took to Twitter with their comments.  The majority of them were in praise for the coach.  Then you have your deadhead Liberal snowflakes who have to cry about every little thing because it “offended” them.

The good post in praises were mostly claps, calling him “Coach of the year,” and “Great Job!”  Some posted Trump’s campaign slogan for the 2020 election, “Keep America Great Again!”

The snowflake post where the dummies who cry about how they are not allowed to protest anymore.  Oh well, BOO-HOO!

Some of the Liberal posts consisted of GIF with “BOOOO,” “Not allowing someone the right to peacefully protest is about as un-American as it gets.”  They just don’t get it!