Hillary Telling Friends She’s Considering Jumping Into the 2020 Race

Many of the dumb Democrats are scratching their heads and wondering if there is anyone else that they can vote for in the next election. The remaining Democrats seeking the nomination just are not adding up to what their voters want to be. So much so that some older Democrats are wondering if they need to throw their hat in the ring just to keep one of the socialists from winning. It makes for good humor when the Democrats question and fight each other. They all start showing their true demonic colors as they attack and beat each other up.

Hillary Clinton is one of those old Democratic farts that believes that the younger generation of loony liberals is not worth their weight in politics. Even with Hillary Clinton, she is hesitant to even run for the presidency because as she claims there is just not an opening to do so. Like all good dumb Democrats, she is full of excuses. She just does not want to lose another time to the awesome President Donald Trump.

The Democrats are believing that she would enter the race if Biden was to drop out or not be as strong as he needs to be. This tells the world about what the Democrats think of their counterparts. Or, worse yet, they are hinting that Biden is going to win the nomination and the rest of the poor suckers are just on stage for the show. Hillary crazy Clinton has been urged to enter the race. Look at mama Clinton is coming to save the party of the baby Democrats as they just cannot get along because they have no direction. Papa Obama and mama Clinton are here to help.

Hillary Clinton is very worried about Joe Biden and his ability to keep going. The dumb Democrats are already painting him to be a victim of attacks. They missed the memo that stated he was a criminal, and he was fully involved with a corrupt government in Ukraine. But the Democrats cry about fair play only when they are affected. Biden is a sorry excuse for a person and should have stepped down from the race while he still could. At least he could have kept his dignity by stepping down. Now he will have to face the executioner to his personhood. President Trump will have fun taking him to the cleaners should he win the nomination of the Democratic Party.

The old Democrats are watching Biden see what he is going to do. Hillary Clinton and even Bloomberg would love to help him, but they will not do so. Because they would have to answer to him as their boss if they do. All good Democrats love power, and they want it for themselves. They will stop at nothing to achieve it. Even if it means destroying each other in the process. The Democrats need their strongest person to win if they will ever stand a chance against President Trump.

Hillary Clinton and others stating that they are thinking of entering the race just shows everyone that none of the other candidates have what it takes to beat Trump in 2020. Hillary Clinton feels like she must jump in and try to save the day for the benefit of her racist people. Many are even wondering the same thing about Bernie Sanders. His health is wavering and his energy is not the best to run a country.

The fashionably late Hillary Clinton will have to sit this one out. She knows that if she were to enter the race she would be a prime target for questions about her illegal email scam she was working. She would have to face exposing the secret Russian agents that she employed to dig up dirt on Trump in 2016. She would have to face the music as to her part in the last election. The facts do not lie. There just is not a Democrat that can keep up with this President. He is too popular with the people. President Trump is destined to have a second term in office.