Harris Says US Reputation Has Been Ruined by What?

I think we can pretty much all agree that America is not what it used to be – and the world knows it. In the last few years, our reputation has been dragged through the mud or, at the very least, called into question.


Well, according to Vice President Kamala Harris, our reputation on the world stage has been tainted and eroded by former President Donald Trump and all who might support him, the January 6 rioters, or who have ever called our elections into question.

In a recent interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Harris even went so far as to say that the real threat to democracy is not international terrorism but those on the inside who “calls into question our commitment to” principles our government is carrying out.

Host Chuck Todd had asked her about the internal threats of America and how those are conveyed to other nations.

Kamala noted that they are “very dangerous, and I think it is very harmful. And it makes us weaker.” Indeed, any internal threat would do as much, which I can definitely agree to. I can even agree with how Harris proposes we react to those threats in a nonpartisan way, coming together as Americans.

Now, I’m not saying that internal threats don’t exist. Neither do I think those shouldn’t be an issue for congress to deal with. Hell, I even agree that questioning elections and our legitimate leader could cause other nations to challenge our strength as a nation.

However, I daresay, that is one of the least of our worries at this time, as far as things ruining our reputation goes.

It might have started when we reversed nearly all the ways in which we had become energy independent. There’s just something about relying on others and even begging for their help suddenly makes one seem lesser or weaker in another’s eye.

Of course, it didn’t help that Democratic President Joe Biden, as one of his first acts in office, officially ended the 20-year war on terrorism and moved to bring out troops home from the Middle East, and more specifically, Afghanistan. As you know, things did not go smoothly.

The Taliban took back control of the nation in a matter of hours, forcing America and her allies to literally flee for their very lives. Additionally, those who tragically got left behind were abandoned by their commander in chief and told they were on their own.

Forgive me, but I can’t think of anything quite so embarrassing or damaging to one’s reputation as a botched military withdrawal. Then, a national leader admitted defeat and gave up on getting his soldiers home safely.

Neither has he helped purport the image of American strength in his dealings and endeavors with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. We can’t forget about his not-so-strong hand in dealing with China, either.

Sure, his administration has supported both Ukraine and Taiwan, our allies. But it’s been with what could only be called the softest hands possible. I understand there is a fine line to walk in both situations to not cause unnecessary damage. But this is definitely not the stronghanded American leadership the world expects of us.

We could also look at how the American economy has suffered since Biden’s time in office, how inflation has risen so drastically, how taxes have only increased, etc.

Or what about the ongoing immigration issues that constantly allow hundreds of thousands a month to illegally cross our borders, infiltrate our communities, and cause further damage to our economy, health, and the safety of our children?

Might any of those reasons slightly cause other countries to look down on us? I would imagine so.

Of course, that’s not what those like Harris believe to be the reason our reputation has been damaged.

As always, her kind would like to further point to Trump and all those who might even slightly agree with him, as if he is the one who’s sent us on the downward spiral we find ourselves on.