Harris Is In A Freefall And Iowa Can’t Help

Kamala Harris got off to a good start in her campaign trail when she attacked Joe Biden during the first debate.

It got people to take notice of who she was so that she wasn’t one of the no-named candidates on the primaries ballot – and there’s a lot of them. However, she doesn’t have anyone left to attack to get people to look in her direction – and she’s been in a freefall ever since.

She hasn’t seen two-digit numbers in most of the recent polls, so she’s putting all of her eggs in the basket of the Iowa caucus.

Behind the scenes, she’s likely crossing fingers and toes to hope that it works. With her freefall being so consistent month after month, there’s likely no hope in getting her numbers up. It may be that she has to come to terms with what America is trying to tell her in a polite way: We don’t like you.

Iowa or Bust

Kamala Harris and her team has made an important shift away from closed-door fundraisers and moving towards retail politics.

Although she doesn’t plan to adjust her message much, she is looking at making sure that more people know who her name is so that she can move above the five or six percent that she’s currently sitting at in the polls.

Harris wants to make weekly visits to Iowa and practically double the size of her ground operation, which currently sits at 65 people.

A 17-stop bus tour took place in August so that she could engage the voters throughout the state. However, she hasn’t been back since that happened – and plenty of voters have noticed.

A recent Iowa poll showed that Harris isn’t anywhere close to the frontrunners. While Biden, Warren, and Sanders have always been in front of her, there are a few others who are also ahead – and that includes Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg.

If she’s going to be competitive in the rest of the country, she needs to have a top-tier finish in Iowa. That will position her to do well in South Carolina and Nevada as well as her home state of California.

She confirmed her focus on Iowa accidentally when she said she’s “f—ing moving to Iowa” to a colleague on Capitol Hill. It was in earshot of a reporter, making it easy to confirm that she is definitely focused on Iowa above anything else.

Her Campaign Message

Kamala Harris doesn’t have the strongest message, and that’s really what has her struggling to get the votes. Voters don’t know where she stands.

Is she a progressive or a moderate? Is she all for Medicare for All? Does she want to open borders? She’s doing a lot of talking without saying much.

She has certainly assaulted Donald Trump and Joe Biden throughout different speeches – and again, she is assaulting a Republican and a Democrat. It makes it hard to know what she is actually focused on.

She also has a kitchen-table economic plan that those on her campaign trail feel will resonate with primary voters. One of her campaign spokesman, Ian Sams, says that there is still time for a comeback – and while that might be true, she has a long track upwards considering she has been in a freefall for so long.

Sams said that they’re not looking to win a news cycle. Instead, they are looking to win an election, which means their plan is to peak when the votes are being cast.

With that in mind, hopefully, she already has all of the fundraising money that she needs because those ahead of her have big plans to spend big money – and if she doesn’t have a name for herself, she can’t get more money in order to compete with the big leagues.

Harris is doing nothing to set herself apart from anyone else, which is another reason why she is flailing. She has echoed some of the other Democrats, calling for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh.

She is also crossing her fingers in anticipation of Biden’s campaign crashing and burning – and that seems to be what many of the Democratic candidates who aren’t considered frontrunners are hoping for.

What Kamala Harris doesn’t realize is that Iowa doesn’t speak for the entire country. Her freefall is only going to continue because she isn’t in touch with what people want.

As the only black female running for president, she doesn’t even have the support of most black voters – those votes are being given to Biden or Sanders.

She needs to figure out what the people want – and it’s probably already too late for that.