Halloween Costume of the Year: Joe Biden

VGstockstudio / shutterstock.com
VGstockstudio / shutterstock.com

Throughout the years, children have always wanted to dress up like their heroes. But I doubt that’s the reason so many children chose to dress up as Joe Biden this year…

With Halloween over, it’s time to talk about the most popular costume of the year. And without a doubt, the favorite seems to be dressing as Joe Biden.

But as I mentioned before, it wasn’t because these children or adults like Biden at all. Instead, it was to make fun of him.

Take this video of trick-or-treaters dressed up like Secret Service agents and trying to help a pretend Biden get around.

Biden would slip up some steps, and one of the other boys would say something like, “One step, Mr. President.” When he finally made it up the steps, they congratulated him, clapped, and exclaimed, “Good job, Mr. President.”

Following these boys showed a president who got lost easily, turned the wrong way several times, and was constantly tripping over himself.

Elsewhere, other Bidens were veering off sidewalks, falling down, and wandering all over while Secret Service agents attempted to “help” him.

Some kids even went up to women and other children, trying to smell them (which is also something the real Biden has been known to do on a number of occasions).

To be sure, it’s all very laughable.

But it really shouldn’t be. I mean, this is the man who is leading the free world, who commands our troops and is the face of the nation. He is a man that is supposed to be respected, revered, and honored.

If you’re old enough, you might remember kids dressing up as Ronald Reagan, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Over the years, presidents from all generations have walked the streets on Halloween night.

But none have been made into a laughing stock. Hell, even Trump, a man Biden says was the “worst ever,” had kids dressing up as him. The difference is they did so because they like him, even if some of his antics are a bit laughable.

Biden, on the other hand, is just a joke. And when even our youth see this, there’s a problem.