Gun Arrest in New York Uncovers Massive Satanic Child Trafficking Cult

Bruce Stanfield /
Bruce Stanfield /

The arrest of a Hispanic man in Queens, New York two years ago has led federal investigators to the discovery of a massive Satanic pedophile ring that spans the globe. That’s got to be embarrassing for the FBI and the media. Didn’t they just spend the entire summer telling us that the movie “Sound of Freedom” was all a big right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory?

The Biden administration sprang into action swiftly, however. They are blaming the existence of this Satanic pedophile cult—which is clearly Hispanic in its origins—is another example of “white supremacy.”

The “white supremacist” Angel Almeida, age 23, was arrested back in 2021 for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Angel had posted images of himself smoking crack and waving a gun around on social media, which is apparently a thing nowadays. While searching his social media DMs, police discovered horrifying content and were able to link Almeida to a Satanic pedophile cult called “764”.

In February of this year, federal prosecutors added a superseding indictment to Almeida’s charges, which included child exploitation and enticement of minors. When the feds searched Almeida’s home for the illegally possessed firearm, they found hundreds of child porn files on all his electronic devices. Investigators also found that Almeida’s Instagram profile was @NecroPedoCell. His profile picture was allegedly an image of a bound and gagged child.

One of Almeida’s Instagram posts showed him pictured wearing bandoliers of ammunition in front of a black flag for the Order of Nine Angels (O9A). Prosecutors describe O9A as a worldwide Satanic cult. In addition to all the child porn allegedly found in his home, Almeida also had books about O9A and Satanism.

The 764 group is believed to be an offshoot of O9A (sort of like Al Qaeda and ISIS were offshoots of Barack Obama’s favorite terrorist org, the Muslim Brotherhood). The only reason that authorities even know about the existence of 764 is because of the arrest and investigation of Almeida. The FBI issued a public notice about 764 in September, but they must not have received the memo from the Biden White House yet. They only described 764 as a “violent online group” and not as “white supremacy.”

The FBI added that 764 is “deliberately targeting minor victims on publicly available messaging platforms to extort them into recording or livestreaming acts of self-harm and producing child sexual abuse material.”

Authorities say the group is targeting vulnerable children through messaging and gaming platforms like Roblox, Discord, and Twitch. They also use curated playlists on Soundcloud and try to get kids to communicate with them on Telegram, which is encrypted.

The group uses “use threats, blackmail, and manipulation” to convince vulnerable kids to livestream acts of self-harm, sexual activity, abuse of animals, and even to commit suicide. They especially target confused children who believe they are LGBTQ and those with mental illness.

The FBI has never publicly mentioned the existence of 764 before September. However, the group is already known by European law enforcement agencies. A German teenager who is alleged to have slaughtered his Romanian foster family is believed to be a member of the group. He had “764” and “necro” tattooed on his forearm when he was arrested. Researchers say they believe that 764 has thousands of members worldwide, and several hundred are actively engaged in the child porn extortion scheme.

Remember how viciously the media attacked “Sound of Freedom” over the summer? They called it a right-wing fever dream and a conspiracy theory. Then a story like this comes along, and they dutifully ignore it. Are you starting to wonder whose side the media is on?