Great Moments in GOP Failure: Expelled TN Democrat Reinstated

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Republicans in the Tennessee legislature took swift action after a violent insurrection nearly caused us to lose our democracy. The GOP supermajority kicked three of the Democrats who led the terrorist attack out of office. But it didn’t last long. The Tennessee House Speaker has already caved, and one of the three coup leaders has already been reinstated.

Rep. Justin Jones was one of the three Democrats who led the insurrection. He led hordes of violent, screaming people into the state capitol and briefly interrupted a meeting. It was exactly like January 6, but far worse than Pearl Harbor and three 9/11s. We were MOMENTS AWAY from losing our democracy. (Sorry, Democrats. We’re just borrowing your language for this story.)

The GOP expelled Jones and two other Democrats from office for their roles in the attack. However, under Tennessee law, the local city council can appoint a temporary representative to fill a seat if there are more than 12 months left in a term. The far-left Nashville Metro Council voted on Monday to appoint Justin Jones to the seat that he was just kicked out of. And unfortunately, Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton will reinstate Jones.

How pathetic is that?

Then again, the GOP never fails to figure out how to lose a perfectly winnable fight. Why is Sexton caving so easily on this? All he has to do is refuse to reinstate Jones and force the Nashville Metro Council to vote again. He could also sue them and try to get the courts to force the council to appoint somebody else. What was the point in kicking the Democrats out in the first place, if Sexton refuses to fight to keep them out?

They deserve to be kicked out. If they get to stay in office, it will only embolden the Democrats for the next time they try to stage a violent insurrection.