Great Job, Chicago! 30 People Shot in Gun-Free City Over the Weekend

Rex Wholster /
Rex Wholster /

So many people got shot in fully gun-controlled Chicago over this past weekend that they couldn’t even count all of them. ABC 7 / Chicago Sun Times says it was “roughly 30.” You know they’ve become completely numb to the problem when they can’t be bothered to count the number of victims. Just whatever. Maybe 30. Maybe 29. Maybe 1,100.

Breitbart News reported that “nearly 20” people were shot from the time when work got out on Friday evening through Saturday morning. The Sun Times then reported the “roughly 10” figure from Saturday into Sunday.

As you probably remember from 5th Grade Math class:

Nearly 20 + Roughly 10 = Whatever.

Al Capone killed seven rival Mafia members in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. The crime shocked and outraged the entire country. Public sentiment against the Mafia was so bad after the massacre that the entire weight of the FBI, the IRS, and state and local law enforcement turned against Capone until he was finally imprisoned.

Seven deaths.

So far in 2023, there have been 328 fatal shootings in Chicago through July 22nd. What’s the response from the FBI and the federal government over that statistic? We need more gun control! We need to gun control the people even harder because it’s not working yet!

“Damn you, Donald Truuuuuump!!!!”

We all know why this is happening. It’s not white MAGA Republican voters shooting up Chicago. It’s black-on-black crime that is a direct result of cops retreating to the donut shop after the George Floyd racial reckoning in this country.

It’s the result of cops watching what Officer Derek Chauvin went through in Minneapolis after trying to save the life of a criminal dying of a fentanyl overdose and thinking, “They’re not going to get me that way.”

So, the cops retreat, and they can’t even get an accurate count of how many people are being shot on the weekends in Chicago.