Governors are Ready to Reopen Their States, Dems Are Fuming

The country is waiting for the all-clear from the federal government that it is fine to start up the economy and put people back to work. The coronavirus has brought everything to a near grinding halt.

The restrictions on the country were to help stop the spread and ultimately to save the lives of the most vulnerable. But now people are restless and ready to start working again. Governors of 20 states are looking for approval to reopen their states by May 1. This is the date that the president is looking to approve the reopening of the country.

The CDC is very cautious about opening the economies too soon. They believe that the wrong time could set off another spread of the virus. Robert Redfield, who is the director of the CDC, stated that “There are a number of states – 19, 20 states – that really have had a limited impact from it. So I think we will see some states that are – the governors feel that they’re ready – we’re poised to assist them with that reopening.” He is acting like the CDC is the can opener for the country.

It stands to reason that the CDC cannot impose the same plan for every state. Some states have not been hit as hard as other areas of the country. President Trump has already mentioned that he will leave it up to the states as to when they are ready.

Any other attempt to control a nationwide reopening oversteps authority. The CDC may be able to help the states, but they certainly cannot tell them what to do.

Like always the demonic Democrats are already bucking the announcement to reopen. They believe that everyone should do it at once and in the same way. But that is not going to happen. If they fell that their state cannot open, then stay closed.

But for the rest of the country, they want to put people back to work. The president has already told the world that 20 states are ready to go. It is time to stop the spiral of destruction on the economy and let people start working again before things get too deep.

The areas that have been hit the hardest will take longer to get back to normal. But they cannot stay closed forever. There is no debate that there will be spikes as things get better. But they cannot create fear to bury the country for months to come.

At some point, the sickness will have to be seen like the flu and simply deal with it as it comes up. People are going to build an immunity to it at some point. The issue is not if the country should open, but rather when. And soon that later is preferred by the majority.

Testing is not going to save people. All it does is put up high numbers and show the relation to those infected to those that recover. No one is bothering to show how many false tests there have been or how many people have recovered. The liberal media just wants to focus on the deaths instead of those that are still alive. They love death because it gives them good ratings.

President Trump has not rushed into anything without examining the facts first. The Democrats are so scared that he is going to rush into reopening that they just cannot stand the suspense of what he is going to do.

Anything that happens on opening day will be reported by the maniac media as a fault of President Trump. Those things will happen no matter when he reopens the country.

Kelly Conway stated that “The most important thing to recognize is that most suited, best person to rejuice the Donald Trump economy is Donald Trump.” He alone should be the one to make the call for the nation. After all, he is the president. The people voted for him to lead and that is exactly what he is doing.

He has done the job that he was elected to do. Too bad the Democrats cannot say that they have done what they were elected to do. All they can do is live up to failure on their part.