Gillibrand Shows Off Idiotic Move About Climate Change With $10 Trillion Idea

Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the 20+ Dems who are running for president in 2020. She hasn’t been too popular on the polls, mainly because no one knows who she is. In all of her infinite wisdom, she has come up with a plan about climate change to capture the headlines.

If this is her way of showing people that she has a plan for America, she might need to recheck her numbers. Over the course of 10 years, her plan will cost approximately $10 trillion.

Her Plan

She has a plan that, according to her Climate Change Moonshot Plan, will hold polluters accountable, phase out the use of fossil fuels, and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

She has already explained that her plan will need the commitment of every American. It’s an impossible thing to get. She’d be better off focusing on smaller (and cheaper) goals like making sure that every city is recycling and that boaters aren’t dumping debris into the ocean. She’s trying to go too big too soon. Americans need to understand how to go green first – and she’s clearly not in touch with the average American, showing off just how idiotic her plan is, especially at this point in time.

Gillibrand has called for rural communities to have better infrastructure and the creation of green jobs. There are green jobs already found all over the country, and she’s not specifying who will create these jobs within her plan. As for the better infrastructure, what kind and what cities will get them? She’s silent, showing that her plan has more than a few flaws.

Where the Money is Going to Come From

Since there’s not $10 trillion sitting in the government’s current budget, her plan is for Americans to pay for this. While the Democratic Senator from New York may be able to afford a significant hike in federal taxes, the average American can’t.

Republican or Democrat, no one wants to pay more taxes, especially for an issue such as climate change. There are still many who question whether it’s a real thing – and there’s certainly no proof as to whether her plan will work let alone whether it’s worth the kind of money she’s claiming to need.

She would want an excise tax on fossil fuel and to create a carbon tax. The carbon tax, according to Gillibrand, could bring in more than $200 billion each year. What she’s not accounting for is that companies aren’t going to pay it. They’ll find a way to avoid using carbon if it means paying $52 per metric ton.

$10 Trillion is a Lot

The Dems nearly had a heart attack when Trump asked for approximately $15 billion to build a wall to prevent illegal immigration migration. Gillibrand is asking for close to 100 times more than that to prevent climate change – something that could take hundreds of years to really start to affect Americans.

Climate change is a global issue, not an American one. Even if we were to do everything that Gillibrand wants from us, $10 trillion is a lot of money to spend on “hopefully” making an impact. There’s no research to show that what she wants to do can have a positive impact on American life.

Other countries would have to get on board, too – and there are too many abusers that aren’t showing any signs of making improvements. They, too, are responsible for melting ice caps and depletion of the ozone. Until all countries come to an agreement to help the globe, that $10 trillion could be better spent helping Americans with the things they really want.

It’s a Last-Ditch Effort

The Democrats who are voting have already said what they’re interested in hearing from regarding the issues. They want to hear about the economy, immigration, and healthcare. Gillibrand has decided to circumvent all of these issues in order to talk about climate control – an issue that most people don’t seem as urgent.

She hasn’t spoken heavily about immigration or healthcare. However, those who are prioritizing economic issues aren’t going to be thrilled to hear that she has plans to spend $10 trillion on a questionable area.

Further, she’s polling at less than one percent of the total vote for the Dems right now. There are a number of others that are pulling ahead, including Biden, Harris, and even Booker. Gillibrand is showing that she’s clueless about where to take the nation as president if she’s serious about spending $10 trillion on climate change while leaving the U.S.-Mexico border completely unprotected.