Fox News Starts Company-Wide Layoffs for Some Reason

FellowNeko /
FellowNeko /

Morale has plummeted to an all-time low at Fox News, and company-wide layoffs are taking place. Rampant distrust has flooded the building. Gee, did something happen over there?

Just kidding! Fox News is now in a Bud Light-style death spiral ever since it stupidly fired Tucker Carlson. The network has lost well in excess of $1 billion in market cap since then, as Tucker’s massive audience abandoned the station. MSNBC’s primetime lineup is now consistently beating Fox News—and MSNBC didn’t even pick up any new viewers! It’s just that Fox is swirling the drain so badly.

Tucker Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore has been banned from appearing on the network. He has the inside track from someone inside Fox News, who has been spilling the beans about the layoffs to him. On Friday, July 14, Moore tweeted:

“EXCLUSIVE: According to a current senior producer at Fox News, there are company-wide layoffs happening right now that no one is reporting on. ‘Morale miserable across teams on both news and opinion,’ the producer says.”

Moore reports that the shows on Fox News are now receiving “frantic, bipolar guidance almost daily on blacklisted and unblacklisted guests, including sitting members of the Senate.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is one of the blacklisted guests now due to his staunch support of President Donald Trump. One executive producer on Fox and Friends was fired for trying to book Tuberville a few days ago. It sounds like the network is just in full-on panic mode.

Isn’t it great? The network that called Arizona early for Joe Biden in 2020 deserves everything that’s coming to it now. Tucker was honestly the only thing worth watching on Fox News a few months ago. Now that he’s gone, millions of viewers are tuning out, the advertising dollars that pay for the network are drying up, and the place is falling apart.