Former Obama AG Wants to Make “Permanent” Changes During Coronavirus “Opportunity”

There comes a time and a place when change is necessary. And now, in the middle of a worldwide crisis, change is needed for many things. We have to change the way we communicate, how we work, how we get our essentials, and how our children learn. They are all extraordinarily doable and extremely essential right now.

However, we all understand when this crisis has ended, our lives will return to something similar to what it was before. Kids will go back to school with their classmates, parents will return to the office, and industries and businesses will reopen to the public.

But not everything has to go back to the way it was. Or at least that is the hope of life-long Democrats like former Attorney General under President Barack Obama Eric Holder. To him and others in leadership within his party, this is an opportunity to makes some severe changes and ensure they stay in place long after the virus in America ends.

And for Holder, first and foremost on his list of must-have permanent changes is the American electoral system.

He recently told Time Magazine in an interview that he wanted Democrats to take hold of this “opportunity” to make “pro-democracy” changes that leave our system “more inclusive” and “easier for the American people to access.”

Holder said, “Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access. It would be foolhardy to take these pro-democracy measures off the table after we get on the other side of the virus. These are changes that we should make permanent because it will enhance our democracy.”

Now, upon first hearing this, we might all agree. After all, why would we stop using something that is not only “more inclusive,” but also “easier” and better for “our democracy?” Our leaders should all strive to implement changes that make our governmental systems more inclusive and better for us.

This online “e-learning,” as many call it, is one example. There is an excellent likelihood that many schools that have never used this social distancing approved learning format will incorporate it into their schedules in the coming years, say to take the place of snow days or inclement weather.

And why wouldn’t they if they have the capability to? It just makes sense.

So what exactly is Holder talking about changing? And could these changes actually be beneficial to America?

Holder is talking about “allow(ing) people to access their primary American right to vote at home.” In this current state of social distancing, it is a must. Absentee ballots are sent out to completed by individuals and then usually returned by mail, allowing no in-person contact.

But there are problems with the system.

The first, and one that Democrats like Holder never seem to actually discuss, is how those ballots are then “harvested.” The process, called “ballot harvesting,” requires someone to physically collect those ballots. And this could person could be pretty much anyone, including paid political operatives.

Who’s to say this person isn’t destroying or, as Beth Bauman of Townhall says, “losing” ballots that don’t align with his or her party? Or gasp… changing them somehow. The very idea muddies the waters and taints the integrity of the entire voting system.

Furthermore, there is the problem of voter fraud, something else Democrats don’t like to mention.

When you send out absentee ballots to a person’s home, you hope that the people receiving them will uphold the honor of the electoral system. However, we all know this isn’t a perfect world. Therefore, there is an extreme risk that people will take advantage of it.

Those collecting the ballots, or the government office that eventually receives them has no way of knowing if the person’s name on the ballot actually is the one who filled it out. Or if that person did it of their own free will or is even a legal citizen. There simply isn’t anyone standing in their kitchen to verify any of that information.

But this is precisely why California is drowning in Democrat leaders from the 2018 midterms. Even the San Francisco Chronicle said ballot harvesting should be to blame for the leftist wins.

You see, what Holder really wants isn’t a more inclusive system, it’s one that can give his party the results they need to beat Trump. And that’s one without any accountability.