Florida Congressman to Press Charges Against Milkshake Attacker

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is pressing charges against a deranged leftist who threw a milkshake on him after a Florida town hall meeting. Good for him!

From the time when Black Panthers were chasing white voters away from the polls during Barack Obama’s 2008 election until now, the political left has grown increasingly violent and deranged toward normal Americans.

The media doesn’t even report on leftist violence against conservatives unless they can somehow blame Trump or our “incendiary” MAGA hats that trigger the little fascists.

Congressman Gaetz is a popular pro-Trump conservative. After a town hall meeting with constituents in early June, Gaetz walked out of the building only to be met by a horde of Antifa man-boys and feminist screechers hurling insults at him.

A woman named Amanda Kondrat’yev emerged from the crowd and tossed a milkshake on Gaetz. The attack was inspired, of course, by Antifa goons in Britain who have begun throwing milkshakes on patriotic politicians who back the “Brexit” movement.

Kondrat’yev actually ran for Congress in 2016 – for Matt Gaetz’s seat in the House of Representatives. She lost badly in the Democrat primaries of that race, and then Gaetz clobbered the eventual Democrat nominee in a landslide.

Gaetz has now decided to press charges against Kondrat’yev and we couldn’t agree more.

There’s an old joke about a little boy and his younger sister in pigtails, which applies to the modern Democrat Party’s violent behavior. “She keeps pulling my hair,” the boy complains to his mom.

“She doesn’t know it hurts,” says the mom.

A few moments later, the mom hears a scream from the other room. The boy walks back into the room. “What happened?” asks the mom.

The boy replies, “She knows now!”

The Democrats need to have their pigtails pulled – HARD – until they once again accept the social contract in America.

If your side loses an election, you accept it and go about your daily life. You don’t commit acts of political violence or make up conspiracy theories about “Russian collusion” and drag them out for years to try to undo the election.

Every Democrat from former President Jimmy Carter to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is running around claiming that President Trump is “kidnapping” and “torturing” the children of illegal aliens. The media nods along to this obvious falsehood and gives it credibility.

But if that were actually true, wouldn’t you be morally obligated to use “any means necessary” to remove the political party that is “kidnapping” and “torturing” illegal alien kids? Wouldn’t the “greater good” be to attack or even murder politicians that were engaging in this? Of course, it would. And that’s the point.

The leaders of the Democrat Party continue to advocate violence against Republicans, which is often carried out by the more deranged members of the Democrats’ base. A lot of people have forgotten about the attempted political assassination that took place early in Donald Trump’s presidency.

A self-described “Bernie bro” shot up a baseball field full of Republican Members of Congress and nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Fortunately for conservatives, Democrats are low-testosterone putzes who can’t shoot straight.

Matt Gaetz is pressing charges against his milkshake attacker, but hopefully, he will also file a civil suit against her. He should claim he has nightmares and sues her personally for “pain and suffering.”

The woman is lucky that when she attacked Gaetz, she didn’t end up getting shot or at least socked in the jaw.

If you think that response is too extreme for a “milkshake attack,” well, nope, sorry. The law doesn’t work that way. The attacker doesn’t get to set his or her victim’s level of aggression.

Maybe the thing in the attacker’s hand is a milkshake or a Diet Coke – but maybe it’s a jug of acid.

If you think the Democrats’ attacks on housewives and veterans in wheelchairs wearing MAGA hats were bad in 2016, how do you think 2020 is going to unfold?

Especially now that every Democrat in the office is claiming that the President of the United States is “kidnapping” and “torturing” children from foreign countries? Is there likely to be less violence directed at conservatives or more?

Good for Matt Gaetz for pressing charges against his leftwing attacker. Every conservative who is a victim of political violence from the Democrats needs to push back.

The only way they’ll ever stop acting like violent thugs is if there are painful consequences for their actions.