Fixing the Public School System Should Be Top Priority Instead of Playing Dirty Politics by Democrats

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The Democrats are waging war within the public school system with the aim of brainwashing kids. They need the next generation to believe the lies they tell and to be willing to accept the dictatorial rule. The liberals have made it their mission to try and rewrite American history and tell a different version of what truly happened. They want to divide America into racial classes and bring back the horrors of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Critical Race Theory is the name of the material that the Democrats need to push on every public school system student. The philosophy behind the material is socialism which teaches to take from others and give to the needy. They want kids to think that white people are the enemy, and all people of color are oppressed and deserving to be given everything that the white man has built for themselves.

But many people have joined forces with parents to keep the material from being taught in schools. Christ Rufo has taken the fight personally. He got ahold of a book published by Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter for the Daily Wire. He stated that “Luke Rosiak exposes the complex network of activists, unions, bureaucrats, and philanthropists who are hell-bent on racializing the American education system and indoctrinating students with left-wing ideologies. This book is an essential read for parents, educators, and citizens who care about the future of American education. It’s high time for our country to get back to basics, and Race to the Bottom provides a road map for returning to sanity in our schools.”

The book aims to discover and expose the dangers rooted in the public school system. And it was Rufo that used the terminology “Critical race Theory” to bring together all the nasty teachings that were being used in the public school system to brainwash the kids.

CRT teaches that America has always been a racist nation. The very term itself implies multiple races on the earth beyond the human race. Except there is not a liberal around that is willing to classify what the other races are called.

So much attention has been brought to the stage over CRT that some states require that schools post online the material taught behind closed doors. The Daily Wire noted that “Rosiak is the reporter who broke the Loudoun County bathroom rape story for The Daily Wire. His book takes the scrutiny nationwide, tackling school shutdowns and Critical Race Theory, and getting to the bottom of the special interests taking over America’s schools, from teachers unions to activist nonprofits.”

As an investigative reporter Rosiak has spent his time doing the research. The author worked for several years with Peter Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute to put together the facts surrounding the narrative and premise of the book. The liberals heavily control the unions and teacher groups, so they took hostage the kids during the pandemic days and used them as bargaining chips to get what they wanted.

Joe Biden and his party of liberal enforcers think that they can run away with the youth in America and teach them whatever they want. Biden’s actions are very close to those of Adolf Hitler, who thought he could take the nation’s youth and brainwash them into believing the lies regarding the Arian Race that Hitler wanted to set up.

Rosiak’s book and Rufo promote that all parents need to get involved. They need to be involved in the educational process of their kids and warn that it is easy to turn a blind eye to things. The selfish Democrats need to be kept in check and not allowed to hijack the minds of American youth and force them to do highly illegal things. The Democrats in America stand for tyranny and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure people suffer under their evil rule.