Figures: Biden Bans the Troops from Displaying the American Flag


Well, that figures. The Pentagon under Joe Biden has now banned the display of the American flag at sporting events and during special military parachute jumps during air shows. They wouldn’t want anyone to feel patriotic or to love their country, after all. Especially with an administration in charge that hates America so very, very much.

The Department of Defense (DoD) issues a memo to the troops on February 10th, letting them know that large American flag displays at sporting events are no longer appropriate. This rule change comes right as Joe Biden has caused the worst recruitment drought for the US military since 1973 when the Viet Nam War and the military draft ended. Morale among the troops is the worst it’s been in 50 years.

The US Army missed its recruitment goal for the fiscal year 2022 by about 15,000 soldiers, which is going to have a negative impact on readiness for a long time to come. No one wants to join the military to be lectured about the importance of pronouns. Is banning public displays of the flag likely to make young men and women more likely to enlist?

As counterproductive as that sounds, it’s exactly what Biden’s generals at the Pentagon are hoping for. A DoD spokesperson named Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman told the Daily Caller, “While many, including Service members, find these events moving and patriotic, according to the code, the flag should never touch the ground or be carried flat or horizontally.”

While that is technically correct under the US Flag Code, when was the last time that any modern presidency has actually enforced it? Americans are patriotic people and have loved patriotic displays at sporting events for generations. Everybody used to take their hat off and put their hand over their heart for the pledge of allegiance. Nowadays, professional athletes take a knee during the anthem, or worse, sing a fake black anthem that is tantamount to treason in their home country.

As if people couldn’t hate sports much more, Biden now pulls this stunt to ban large displays of the flag. DoD jump teams are also banned from displaying the flag, according to Schwegman.
As recently as when Barack Obama was in office, the Department of Defense was paying millions of dollars for patriotic displays of large flags at sporting events. And the stated reason for that was to increase recruitment. They used to spend about $6 million per year to have flag displays at NFL and MLB games.

The Democrat Party has crushed military morale so badly that they’ve had to lower nearly every standard just to try to recruit people. No one wants to join when the people in charge so obviously hate the troops. The military doesn’t even require a high school diploma or a GED to enlist these days. They let you enlist if you have tattoos or weird hair. They’ll even take you if you’re a tubby couch potato.

Even with all those reduced standards, only 9% of young people will even consider joining the military these days. It certainly doesn’t help that Team Biden keeps trying to poke Russia and China into a full-scale world war. Who would want to fight for these jerks?

DoD officials claim that banning the flag from being displayed during sporting events is going to increase respect for the flag. When has that ever been a concern for the party of flag burning? We all know what this is really about. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party hate the flag, so they’re banning its display at public events. That’s all this is.