FBI Looking for Coronavirus Fraud: One Man Already Arrested

There is a lot of misinformation that is floating around the news and social media that can cause people trouble if they do not know the source from where it is coming from.

Law enforcement is warning people to be careful not to solicit business from people that are claiming to have a cure or some kind of drug that will heal people from the coronavirus. One example of a person selling fake cures is Jim Bakker. He has been told by law enforcement to stop trying to push his fake cures.

And now it seems that a man from California has been arrested because he is telling people they need to invest in a company that he is claiming has a cure for the virus. People are desperate for hope and a cure.

Keith Lawrence Middlebrook is taking advantage of people needing real help and hope. And all he is wanting is their money. He does not care about what they are going through. He wants money and then he is gone.

Middlebrook is knocking on doors claiming that he has developed a “patent pending cure.” He makes it sound so official by using the word “patent” and “cure.” What he has is a bag full of lies.

His lies do not stop with the cure. He is also claiming that there is a treatment he has that will prevent the coronavirus infection. People take his fake drug and then boldly head out into the public like they are immune.

Law enforcement is on the lookout for people like Middlebrook. This fraud is not so bright as one of his contacts ended up being an undercover person that was posing as an investor.

Middlebrook showed up with the pills thinking he was going to get some fast cash and ended up in handcuffs instead. The officers involved have once again done their job to keep people safe in the communities in which they serve.

U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna has stated that “During these difficult days, scams like this are using blatant lies to prey upon our fears and weaknesses. While this may be the first federal criminal case in the nation stemming from the pandemic, it certainly will not be the last.”

They are warning people to use good judgment and common sense. The truth is that there is no cure or treatment that will keep anyone from getting the virus.

Middlebrook’s story was even a little hard to believe as he was telling people that Magic Johnson from the Los Angeles Lakers was part of the board of directors of the fake company that was called Quantum Prevention CV Inc.

The name of the business even sounds fake. Things that are too good to be true are usually full of fraud and treacherous deals for the consumer. Middlebrook took to the streets to fraud people out of their money by playing on their fears and desires for hope.

Somehow Middlebrook was able to mass a following of 2.4 million followers that he lied to. He posted videos on his Instagram account claiming that he had the cure. His secret pill was making people immune to the virus.

His post stated “Yes, I have created the pill that makes you IMMUNE to COVID-19!. This pill I have designed makes anyone completely IMMUNE to the Virus COVID-19 disease coronavirus. * NOTE: All Haters and Ignorant comments are Deleted and Blocked as Fast as they post.”

He was charged with one charge of attempted wire fraud. This means that he could face 20 years in federal prison. Middlebrook sold his soul to the devil for a quick buck. He wanted money so badly that he was willing to risk the final years of his life in prison. Law enforcement caught him in the act and now people are safer for their heroic deeds.

The coronavirus is taking its toll on a lot of people around the world. Law enforcement is warning people to beware of frauds that would attempt to steal their money. When a cure becomes available, the president will be the first one to make the official announcement.