FBI Had 40 Informants Relaying Info on Biden Crime Family

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.com
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.com

Evidence continues to mount against the Biden crime family. And now it’s been discovered that the FBI knew all of it all along and covered it all up.

Now, for most of you, this isn’t exactly big news. I mean, how long have we suspected the FBI and other federal agencies as being part of a national scheme to overthrow the rightful President of the United States and install a puppet for themselves?

However, proof of such is seeing light now and gaining the trust of the American people.

Most of it has come to such light thanks to the ongoing efforts of GOP Senator Chuck Grassley and his team investigating the Biden family.

According to Grassley and a letter he sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Biden family has been corrupt for years, trading influence for millions. As you’ve likely heard, the Biden family has been the recipient of several payments of $5 million from several foreign business partners.

That alone should question the White House’s current leader.

However, as Grassley recently learned while looking into the Bidens, the FBI has had as many as 40 confidential human sources, or informants, relating to the Bidens at one time, going back as far as the 2020 election.

This means there’s no way the FBI didn’t know about most of the goings on of the Biden family and how they were really making their money. and nothing ever came of any of that knowledge.

What that tells Grassley and others is that the FBI has a vested interest in letting the Bidens get away with it all.

What could that be?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is all just a continued attempt to get revenge on the man who fired their just as corrupt leader and director.

As Fox News host Jesse Watters agrees, “The FBI used Biden to get revenge on Trump. They got a dirty politician elected so they could defeat a politician who caught them trying to frame him and fired their director. And now we have a compromised president in the White House being protected by a rogue gang of sick agents.”

Again, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. But it’s still maddening…