EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department Worried About Barr Exposing Them

There are playing both sides of the fence in the Department of Justice.  The number one thing that everyone inside that department is afraid of is exposure.  Corruption has been shown to the American people at every corner of Washington.

Still, only handfuls of people realize what is happening.  It is coming to pass, the swamp is being drained, and President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are in charge.

Yes, Trump’s tweets can get under every politician’s skin.  Even Barr was upset last week, but it is all water under the bridge.  Barr knows Trump is excited when he tweets, and the excitement grows as we all witness these historical moments come to pass before our eyes.

Barr knows he has everything he needs to complete his investigations.  When he testifies next month, everything will be in place.  This is why the DOJ is shaking up a storm at this moment.  It is coming, and it is coming quickly!

Not long after Trump’s tweets last week concerning the DOJ, Nicola T. Hanna, who is the US attorney from Los Angeles, California, emailed this message to 270 lawyers.  He wrote, “I am proud of the work you do.”

Others within the Justice Department sent messages in the same manner to the lawyers and their staff members.  One wrote, “All I have to say is keep doing the right things for the right reasons.”  This drew up red flags that over 10,000 lawyers need reassurance.  But for what?

Attorney General William Barr is uncovering mass corruption from the Stone case to the Bidens, and Ukraine.  All the president did was put in his two cents, which angered Barr as more of a distraction, but no one can really blame the president.  Neither Barr nor President Trump is wrong for their reactions.

However, with Barr overturning stones and tables, people are resigning before they get caught.  Maybe if any of them have dealings with Hillary Clinton and the election, it would not be surprising if the suicide rate skyrockets.

Just like the president, when he gets close to the answers he is looking for, the Democrats go after him with some foolish accusations.  It’s no different with Barr.  Now they are calling for him to resign.

We, the People of the United States of America, expect no such thing!  We say, let it ride because those involved in all corruption are going down soon.

Here is the one fact which can sum up the entire situation.  The Democrats wasted so much precious time, and money since Trump won the election in 2016, throwing impeachment, slander, defamation, lies, corruption, and countless accusations against the president, it has become a United States Justice issue.

This is why Attorney General Barr has to take over the cases in front of him.  From Robert Mueller III to Nancy Pelosi ripping up a federal document on live television, everything falls into Barr’s lap to get to the bottom of it.  He will, and this scares the hell out of all of them.  Hence, the red flags going up for reassurance.

With the Stone case, some prosecutors resigned once Barr took over.  Many critics believe it is because it deals with Trump’s friend.  This is not the case even though it appears that way.  With all the corruption, the Democrats shot themselves in the foot.  This leaves cases like Roger Stone to be further reviewed.

Barr is at a borderline of taking on politically motivated cases dealing with Trump because of the Democrats, the FBI, and other parts of the justice system made it that way.  Barr has no choice but to do his job.  Everything is political, and he has to review the information to clean out the corruption and bring them to justice.

The Department of Justice met its fair share of corruption until Barr took charge.  Some wonder if the judges will take the cases seriously.  A former assistant Attorney General for the department’s national security division, Mary McCord, stated, “I’m sure that some D.O.J. attorneys feel that judges are not going to look at them in the same way.

McCord continued, “And I’m sure there are judges who are going to wonder, ‘Can we credit what you say, or is D.O.J. going to come back tomorrow and say something different?”  Many lawyers are ignoring the drama, and Barr declines to comment further, which shows his dedication to his deadline when he testifies in March.  The truth will come out!