Exactly Why Special Forces Guarding President Trump from Protests

The president of the United States is the most likely person to come under attack at the hands of violent people. Once a person sets foot in the Oval Office they are immediately targeted by people that just hate the president in general.

As a result of the hazardous nature of the job, the Secret Service is tasked with the protection of the president. But with the increased violence and threats against the man that has done so much for people, the president is due for added protection.

The Democrats hate President Trump already. So, they are the first to criticize the need to protect him. As the president moved around the premises of the White House thousands of angry people flooded the streets.

They were acting like President Trump is the one that killed George Floyd. In response, a group of special force officers lined up alongside the police line to protect the President.

The Democrats will say that the extra protection is overkill, but they would sing a different tune if it was their life on the line. No one likes to see the force of the military used internally.

But when crazy liberals and organized crime start to threaten the very fabric of order in the country, the military needs to be used. For there is an attack from anti-American enemies seeking to destroy the country.

The president had to supplement the 1,100 officers of the D.C. area with 3,300 National Guard troops. The liberals had become a violent mob instead of a peaceful protest demonstration. The use of the military may alarm some, but others are glad they are there.

Business owners are tired of having the companies looted and burned to the ground. It may cause panic to set in for some to see the force protecting people, but they will learn real fast what peace is all about.

The curfew set in place by the D.C. mayor is still in force. One service member stated that “It’s pretty calm. So far, so good.” The military has done its job by stopping the violence.

If violent people are going to act stupid, then they are going to get a spanking from a military soldier yielding a baton. They will learn that violence does not pay and there is a legal way to protest which is peaceful.

The spokesperson stated that “The Utah Army National Guard sent a number of Special Forces guardsmen to support civil authority in Washington, D.C. The reason they were selected and sent is because they were already prepared for deployment. They were chosen for expedience, not their skill set.” And yet their skill set is exactly what was needed to stop the violence. They were successful at keeping the peace.

The liberals are trying to paint a picture that the president is secretly building some kind of force to use against people. One retired soldier by the name of James Gavrilis stated “I’d be the last person to say Special Forces guys should be out there. But those guys on the line aren’t trying to instigate the protesters. Why put SF guys on the line around the White House? Well, they’re a little older and more seasoned guys, who are actually going to deescalate situations.”

He rightfully pointed out that President Trump chose the right force for the job. With seasoned men and women, there would be less of a chance for a violent altercation.

Some people believe the military should explain why they are there. They do not have to explain anything. If the mob was not there threatening the president, then there would be no reason to have the military in place. The liberals just do not understand the concept of peaceful demonstrations and the need to have control over one’s actions and feelings.

President Trump is not going to let a bunch of spoiled liberals destroy the country. He has the right to protect the rest of the nation from the violent threats of the minority. He continues to make America the greatest nation on the earth.