Ex-Punk Rocker Is Founder Of Alien Hunters With Potential UFO Material

Tom DeLonge is the former lead singer of Blink-182. He also fancies himself to be quite the alien hunter. He has formed an organization known as “To the Stars Academy” and is the primary bankroller behind it.

The organization has taken to Twitter recently with photos of a material that they believe to be from a UFO. While they’re not ready to turn it over to the government for research just yet, they’re turning heads with the information that they’re sharing.

DeLonge and his organization have made a number of claims over the past year. They’re also the ones that helped to uncover the classified UFO footage from the military, which has since been identified as accurate. (See below)

The organization was founded in 2017 with the purpose of researching extraterrestrials. His spokesperson for the group has been teasing that they have “exotic material” obtained from a UFO. They haven’t identified what kind of material it is, and the organization is keeping details very close to the chest.

DeLonge’s organization has tweeted to say that the structure and composition of the material aren’t known from any military or commercial application. The tweet that they sent out in July said that they are looking for a verifiable facts and working to determine the properties and attributes with independent, scientific proof.

The director of global security and special programs for To the Stars Academy, Luis Elizondo, has said that they are currently searching for the most qualified individuals from respected institutions so that scientific analysis can be conducted.

This includes molecular and chemical analysis as well as nuclear analysis. Elizondo has also said that their team is not rushing the research release. He wants the data to confirm what it is or what it isn’t without anyone jumping to conclusions.

There isn’t a lot known about the organization, including who is working for the group. There is also a question as to whether the research will be peer-reviewed or not. This makes it hard to credit the claim to determine whether they actually have material from a UFO, especially when they have not identified where they were able to get it.

Right now, it is believed that the organization is an eclectic mix of pop stars and scholars. The website also identifies the organization as being collaborative between academia, industry, and pop culture. They want to advance the understanding of scientific phenomena and some of its technological implications.

The only thing that the organization is famous for the moment is getting the U.S. Navy to admit that UFO sightings near some US military institutions actually occurred several years ago. Since the admission, the videos have been released, allowing everyone to see what the Navy pilots were able to record. The Navy, who are trained to be able to observe and identify the different objects in the sky.

There are certainly people who are skeptical about whether the Navy pilots actually recorded UFOs. However, pilots reported seeing the objects fly at hypersonic speeds and with no visible engine.

They also say that the objects were out there all day. Based on current capabilities, keeping an aircraft up in the air requires massive amounts of energy. A super hornet pilot with the Navy explained that with the speeds observed, it should only stay in the air for approximately one hour. Instead, they observed it staying in the air for at least 12 hours.

A lot of information is unknown about life on other planets. NASA, rovers, satellites, and other data-seeking entities have been on the quest for quite some time. Astronauts have not come in contact with any kind of life form other than what’s found on earth.

With landings on the moon, rovers on Mars, and an International Space Station, many believe that if there is extraterrestrial life out there that we would have found out about it by now.

Many, like DeLonge, believe that there have been discoveries that the government has simply covered up as a way of preventing mass hysteria. There are more people coming forward, including US Navy pilots to say that they believe that there may actually be life on other planets.

With DeLonge and his organization blowing the roof off of the videos that the Navy has had to admit to having, there’s no telling what they might have on their hands in terms of the mystery material.

If they don’t start speaking up with some facts, however, the organization is going to lose all credibility among all of their peers.