See How Even the Left Thinks Joe Biden is Unfit to be President

Since the beginning of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign last year, there has been a staggering amount of evidence that maybe, just maybe, he isn’t fit for office anymore. And by unfit, I mean mentally not able to handle the rigors of the job, let alone the campaign for it.

I mean the man has made more mistakes or gaffes than I think anyone ever running for office has ever had is the same amount of time. Remember that time when he forgot that he was running for the presidency and told a crowd in New Hampshire that he was running for Senate? Or what about when he called Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the President.

And I can hardly forget about when he said that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids.” He has mistaken his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, for his sister, Valerie Biden-Owens. Oh, and, of course, there are the multiple times he couldn’t remember former President Barack Obama’s name and instead simply referred to him as “my boss.”

I mean, just listen to him try to discuss the would-be results of the recent Wisconsin primary with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“I, you know, but I think that, you know – I think if there’s an election, if there was an election, if people – depending how many showed up, I think I’ll have done well, but who knows.”

What an unintelligible mess…

But even more alarming than just misspeaking or making incomprehensible mutterings, is Biden’s occasional outbursts that teeter-totter on the violent and enraged. Take his reaction to a potential voter in the early voting state of Iowa, for instance.

When the man asked him about Biden’s son, Hunter, the former vice president, went off, calling the man fat and stupid, as well as challenging him to a push-up and IQ challenge.

Then in New Hampshire, when he didn’t like what he heard from a young female student, he called her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

And when he was in Detroit, visiting an automobile plant, he had an altercation with a young man who asked him about his Second Amendment views. Rather than answering the question, he told the man he was “full of sh*t” and asked him if he wanted to take it outside.

I presume the trip outside wasn’t to just cool off…

And don’t even get me started on all the times he has flip-flopped on his unclear policy positions.

All of these “mishaps” leave many, including quite a few Democrats, to believe that Biden is no longer in his right mind and, therefore, not up to the task at hand. Even devout Biden followers are showing some severe worry lines on their faces.

One such man is New York Magazine writer Will Leitch. He recently wrote in an article that Biden’s manner of speaking, especially during his recent and not so successful podcasts, is little more than “a weekly proof-of-life reminder,” and one that is “nearly impossible to get through.”

Leitch writes, “In fact, it is so stilted and awkward that it makes me legitimately alarmed: If they can’t get something this simple right, what’s going to happen in November?”

He goes on to give Biden’s podcast some advice, namely that there be less Biden involved. Leitch says that adding a co-host, as well as limiting Biden’s actual air time to only once or twice a week would be best. Essentially, Biden’s own die-hard fans are saying less of him is more.

However, that will hardly be a possibility when he begins one on one debates with Trump as the year progresses towards November.

But with all of his opponents, having dropped out, including self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, it seems the Democrats are left without another option.

That is unless they decide to make a last-minute swap for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. According to several polls, including one from Rasmussen published this week, Cuomo is actually deadlocked with Biden in terms of overall voter likeability.

But considering the lateness of the hour and current chaos the country is in due to the coronavirus outbreak, it seems unlikely the party will be able to get that done, leaving a very shaky Biden to go up against Trump.

And we all know how that will turn out.