Even Democrats Think Biden is Too Old to Run Again 

Paul Froggatt / shutterstock.com
Paul Froggatt / shutterstock.com

A recent poll revealed what conservatives have known since before the 2020 election. President Joe Biden is cognitively impaired and, while serving out the rest of his current term is questionable, running for a second is a bad idea. 

A very bad idea, as the polls reported. 

A sweeping 63% of those polled expressed concerns over Biden’s mental acuity, with 62% believing the president isn’t physically up to the task, either. 

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are the most likely to support Biden, but 21% of his own party said he does not have the mental sharpness to serve, and 23% question his physical capacity to do the job. 

Republicans are united in their doubts over the physical and mental abilities of the current president with 94% believing he is in severe cognitive decline and 93% questioning his physical health. 

The numbers vary by gender, with 58% of female respondents questioning Biden’s mental acuity and 58% in doubt about his physical health. Men, however, have more reservations about the president’s ability to serve, with 58% believing he doesn’t have the mental capacity to serve and 65% believing his physical health is failing. 

Meanwhile, it seems people of all races and ethnicities share concerns about Biden’s mental and physical abilities. Among white people, 65% of those polled were concerned over the president’s physical health with 67% calling his mental health into question. Nonwhite respondents agree, with 56% questioning his physical abilities and 55% raising doubts about his mental clarity. Hispanics responded similarly, with 59% doubting Biden’s physical well-being and 54% questioning his mental acuity.  

The news is equally bad for Biden across all states and geographies, in suburban, urban, and rural areas. While college-educated respondents, more likely to be liberal, give Biden a slight boost of confidence, it’s not enough to make a difference to the outcome.  

People of all ages agree that Biden is not fit to fulfill the office of the president. Surprisingly, 70% of those between the ages 18-39 believe the president is cognitively impaired, and 68% think he is failing physically. These percentages begin to drop among older people but are still overwhelmingly negative. 60% of those between the ages of 40-64 doubt the president’s physical health, and 61% do not think he is mentally fit for the job, while 53% of those over 65 question his physical health, and 55% doubt his mental fitness to serve. 

While his age is certainly a factor, Biden’s cognitive decline may have been exacerbated by his atrial fibrillation, a heart condition known to cause decline, and his bout with COVID, also known to contribute to cognitive impairment. Most telling is his 1998 health scare when the president suffered two brain aneurysms and a brain bleed. 

Democrats believe that ignoring or covering up issues is the best way to deny they exist, which is why the president refuses to undergo a cognitive neuropsychiatric test. Conversely, former president Trump took a test when he was in office, aced it, and released the results to the public. 

In a head-to-head match with presidential candidate Donald Trump, the poll reveals that Biden is no match for the former president, physically or mentally.  While Trump is far from in his prime, 54% of surveyed registered voters said that he is both physically and mentally fit to serve.  

Many of those polled believe, however, that 76-year-old Trump is too old for office, considering he would be entering the presidency at the age of 78 and leaving office at 82. He still beats Biden soundly, with 94% of Republicans, 74% of independents, and 33% of Democrats thinking Biden is simply too old to serve.  

Although the media continues to spin presidential blunders as lovable “gaffes,” the American people are watching. And they have spoken. It’s bad news for Biden, and no number of mail-in ballots can save him.