Even Amazon is Out of Toilet Paper? What do we do Now?

The world has gone off of the deep end because of the crazy lopsided reporting of the liberal news agencies. Their relentless reporting on all the bad points of the virus has led to a panic at the stores.

People have rushed in and bought up all the toilet paper and water so there is nothing left for anyone else. The silly part about it all is that there is no reason to mass buy toilet paper because the virus does not cause abdominal issues.

Bottle water is another commodity that seems to be flying off of the shelves at stores. This commodity is readily available at a person’s home by simply turning on the faucet. But people still want to have what they think they need to weather the coming weeks.

They want to be sure that they are set and secure with supplies to live for the next week. The rush on the stores has led many to get online and push Amazon and other sites to the breaking point.

Amazon has been rushed so much that they are now out of stock with all the household items that are missing in the stores. The company is having to wait like all the other stores for their shipments to come in. Supply chains are working overtime to meet the increased demand for the products that are being stripped off the shelves and the internet.

Amazon also has the problem of delivering all of these items to crazy people that have ordered them. Amazon posted that “We’re also working to ensure that no one artificially raises prices on basic-need products during this pandemic and have blocked or removed tens of thousands of items, in line with our long-standing policy. We actively monitor our store and remove offers that violate our policy.” There have been a few people that have tried to profit from the rush on supplies and their accounts have been taken down.

Amazon has an amazing ability to restock just like many of the stores that are hard hit by the rush. People need to calm down and think rationally to avoid the problem of running out of things. They are out of just about everything that the stores are out of.

Some items will have to have some kind of signature such as alcohol. Amazon has stated that “Orders not containing alcohol are eligible for an unattended delivery, and will be left in a location specified by the customer.”

The consumer giant is showing their might by providing things that are hard to get in the stores. They are even taking precautions to keep their drivers safe. They have stated, “We continue to educate employees on CDC guidance for maintaining healthy habits, and are offering flexibility for employees who need to stay home, plus paid time off for those who are diagnosed with the virus.” Amazon is taking care of its people.

The virus is affecting every single person around the world. It is going to stretch people and cause them to live in ways that they are not used to living. There will even be things that they may have to do without until things finally get back to normal.

Amazon is like every other retail store. They have run out of certain things but will soon have things back in stock. People will just have to wait to buy these items until they show up.

President Trump and the Republicans are on the ball as they seek to help companies struggling to keep their doors open. Some so many people are stepping back and not venturing out much until they feel that it is safe.

This has caused a chain reaction to the point that some retail stores are closing their doors until the end of March. This means that their people will not be working. They are the ones that the president wants to help first. He knows that they need help and is pushing for them to get it.