Epstein Not Dead? Prosecutors Make Huge Announcement

From the moment of Epstein’s arrest being announced, conspiracy theories have been circulated by many. And now, in the wake of his death and the questionable circumstances surrounding it, they seem to have come alive. There is truly no end to the ideas that some people have come up with.

One of the most recent and most appalling is the idea that Jeffrey Epstein isn’t really dead at all, that somehow this is all just a cover-up.

As one person wrote on Facebook, there’s “Not a chance he is dead.” And it added, “Very well protected. In federal custody in maximum security. In a suicide watch cell.”

The post was shared over 2,000 times in a short period before Facebook flagged it in their effort to keep false news and misinformation from its platform and user’s news feeds.

And many, many questions are and have been asked about the case. And some of the answers or the lack thereof lead much of America to believe that something was going on that was being covered up.

But that he didn’t die? That’s a bit of a stretch, if not wholly impossible.

However, even the small bit of information included in this radical post is controversial at the moment. And it leads to more questions than answers for many. Let’s look at some of this controversial info.

Was he actually on suicide watch?

Well, after his first brush with death, he was rightly put on suicide watch. However, two weeks later, his very own legal reps ‘supposedly’ took him off of it. And so the question of why comes into earnest play.

And what about the guards? Aren’t they supposed to watching out for him, even if the only danger is from himself?

Well, this is where it gets even fishier. Apparently, Epstein’s guards fell asleep. But of course, they also falsified the log records to avoid punishment. However, we also have reports of other, substitute guards being assigned to him. Was this the information that was falsified or is this fact?

At this point, it’s hard to say. What we do know is that two guards were suspended after the 66-year-old financier’s death. The warden on duty at the time was reassigned in the aftermath as well.

Then there is the report that shrieks and screams were heard coming from his cell before he was found dead. Does someone hanging themselves shriek and cry during the act?

And what about injuries noted on the autopsy report?

The report says that he was found hanging in his cell by his bedsheets, which had been hung from the top of his bunk bed. He apparently then leaned hard enough toward them that bones in his neck broke. And the autopsy confirms this. There were multiple breaks in his neck bones. And these injuries have been found in those who have hung themselves, especially if they are older.

However, experts also note that these injuries are more commonly found in homicide victims who have been strangled. So this just adds more fuel to the fire.

Needless to say, there are a lot of questions being asked, and many that should be. Obviously, there are some inconsistencies with the case. US Attorney General William Barr agrees. He said on August 12, “We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation.”

And it is easy to believe that someone is covering up something. In fact, it’s almost a sure thing. But his death? That’s unlikely. What is more likely is that there were several little mistakes made, and obviously ones that ended in a life or death situation.

But to suggest that the whole thing is a scam of some sort is just not realistic. And there have been plenty of people to confirm his death. To say anything otherwise would be to insinuate that all of these people including medical examiners, prison officials, elected leaders, government heads, police officers, and more, are working seamlessly together to create some sort of fiction.

However, for those who assisted Epstein in his crimes, it may not make a difference if he is dead or not. Prosecutors have announced they will continue their investigation regardless of the fact that he is most definitely dead.