Drew Brees Wrongfully Tagged as Homophobic by LGBT Activists

NFL star Drew Brees in noted as one of the few who openly lives a life of faith on a national level. He has regularly used his stardom to promote that faith and good qualities to the younger generations.

But one of his most recent videos is not being received quite so well. In fact, it has many on the left, particularly in the LGBT community, labeling his as homophobic.

This short video encourages students to be proud of and share their faith by bringing Bibles to school on October 3 of this year.

The day has been designated as an annual celebration of encouraging religious pride, and both personal and religious freedoms that we in the US are blessed to have. The holiday is sponsored by a conservative Christian advocacy organization known as Focus on the Family.

And while the holiday seems like a harmless one, it has been met with cries of outrage and hostility aimed at both Brees and Focus on the Family.

An LGBT publication, Out Magazine, shamed the NFL player for his connections with the group, which they have called an “anti-gay extremist group.”

Robert Littal, a sports commentator, recently tweeted, “Drew Brees Created a PSA Video for an Anti-Gay Religious Cult That Believes in Conversion Therapy & Fights Against Any Anti-Discrimination Laws; Wants Kids to Bring Bible to School to Convert Other Kids.”

And Queerty, another media establishment of the LGBT community, wrote an article with the headline: “NFL star Drew Brees partners with Focus on the Family to promote hate.” The report states that “Even though Brees doesn’t specifically mention LGBTQ people in the video, affiliating himself for nearly a decade with an organization that has such a long and sordid history of homophobia puts him squarely in the same corner.”

And yet in 2010 when Brees made a similar video encouraging LGBT students to push through and not be intimidated by bullies, these same people loved him.

So it seems that while these critics are upset with Brees, it is less about what he said and more about who he is affiliated with.

But that in and of itself doesn’t really hold water either.

Focus on the Family is, for sure, a very openly Christian organization, and they very clearly state that they promote the biblical and traditional concepts of marriage, sexuality, and gender. However, does this make them sowers of “hate?”

Absolutely not.

They, like anyone else, have a right to live life believing how they please. The problem seems to be that the current stream of society and culture no longer think those things and Focus on the Family is not willing to bend to their influences.

They promote being who you are, no matter what you are faced with, to be proud and open about their beliefs, even in a world where few share those.

Isn’t that exactly what the LGBTQ community is trying to do as well? To be open, honest, and not ashamed of who they are and what they believe? And yet it seems that for one group it is ok and for others, it is not.

How does that make any sort of sense?

When a gay man comes out and promotes like-minded friends, he is seen as being brave and a victim. And yet when a Christian woman shares her faith openly and reads the Bible in school she is labeled as being a bully and hateful.

Apparently, if you are not explicitly for the LGBTQ community, you are against it, a bigot and dangerous.

As Queerty clearly stated, Brees didn’t even mention the LGBT issues in this video, and yet, his association with Focus on the Family in encouraging students to live out their beliefs is evidently enough to damn him.

Bring Your Bible to School Day is no different than National Coming Out Day. They were both designed to celebrate one’s beliefs and share them with others. Neither is harmful or dangerous to anyone.

And yet the left has built a community of critics who would say just that. That anyone who doesn’t believe as they do is simply wrong and should be labeled as such or worse.

It’s high time the left listened to their own advice for once and be tolerant of others.