Draft Squads Terrorize Ukraine in a Preview of Joe Biden’s Second Term

Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.com
Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.com

Most of Ukraine’s soldiers are now dead or too wounded to continue fighting on the front. The Ukrainian people just want the suffering that Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky have caused to end. Because they are practically out of soldiers, Zelensky has deployed a one million-strong police force to snatch men off the streets and send them to the front against Russia, where the life expectancy for a new Ukrainian recruit is now down to just 2.5 hours. Ukrainian cities are barren because the men are in hiding from the draft squads.

The BBC sent a news crew to Ukraine to document the way that Zelensky’s draft squads are now terrorizing families. They attended the wedding of a young Ukrainian couple named Serhiy and Tania. There were tons of empty chairs at the reception. Half of their guests didn’t show up. They sent their apologies to Serhiy and Tania but said that the risk of being snatched off the streets by Zelensky’s draft squads was too great.

After Ukraine had almost completely run out of soldiers to send into the meat grinder, a new law was passed in May. All adult males between the ages of 25 and 60 are now required to register with Ukraine’s version of the Selective Service so they can be called up and sent to their doom at any time. If you fail to register with the database, Zelensky’s draft squads are authorized to throw you in a van, haul you away, and send you off to your death at the hands of the Russian army with just one week of training under your belt.

Tania’s father was killed on the front lines last October when Avdiivka fell to the Russian. Now, she’s worried that her new husband will be drafted and will meet the same fate. One of their guests who didn’t attend the wedding said he knows at least a dozen friends and relatives who have all been killed on the front.

“There are more than a million police officers in Ukraine; why should I fight when they are not?” he asked the BBC reporters.

The draft squads have a terrible reputation among the people, especially in the city of Odessa. They drag people off buses and snatch them at train stations before hauling them directly to enlistment centers. Men whose names are on the list can no longer use public transportation if they want to avoid the draft. They also have to avoid restaurants, supermarkets, and public parks.

A dozen of Zelensky’s draft goons descended on Odessa’s main train station on a Tuesday morning while the BBC reporters were there. After two hours, they had failed to find a single adult male to send to his death. They checked the papers of every man in the train station, but they were all either too young, too old or had an exemption from service.

One strategy that helps is if a fighting-aged man has a young child. It’s against the rules for the draft squads to snatch you off the street if you have a child under 12 with you. They spoke to an IT engineer named Vova, who no longer goes out in public without his seven-year-old daughter in tow. Even though he’s been called up to fight, he’s successfully avoided the draft this way since last year.

Sadly, what’s happening in Ukraine is just a preview of what life will look like in America if Joe Biden gets a second term in office. The US Senate voted last week to automatically register all 18-year-old men and women with Selective Service. They know that Joe Biden will get us into a war with Russia, China, Iran, or someone else if he gets another four years in office.

Here is just one of the tragic videos of families trying to save their men from Zelensky’s draft squads: