Don’t Run, Biden. No, Seriously

Agustin Orn /
Agustin Orn /

Joe Biden says that he’s going to run in 2024 but says that he hasn’t announced it officially. Well, gee…didn’t he basically already announce it?

There’s been a significant amount of activity, even from within the White House, to stop Biden from making an “official” announcement. You see, no one REALLY wants him to run in 2024.

The two years he’s already spent in the Oval Office have been more than plenty to destroy the economy…and the rest of the country if we’re being completely honest.

Just look at his track record:

  • The Afghanistan pull-out was a nightmare
  • Gas prices have skyrocketed
  • The cost of home ownership is through the roof
  • Crime is running rampant
  • The country is more divisive

And the list could go on and on…

Even the mainstream media wants to see someone other than Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket for 2024. Terry Moran on ABC News commented, “My own sense is that most Americans don’t want to vote for an 81-year-old man for president…is the Biden White House operation aware that people are uneasy with his age?”

We have to agree. We don’t want to vote for him – and his age is certainly a factor. So is his mental state. And his inability to hold press conferences. And his inability to communicate. And his inability to choose experienced individuals to hold positions within his cabinet. Again, we could go on.

There’s talk that those in the White House are urging Biden to stand down, too. There are plenty of other Democrats who would like to run. Robert F. Kennedy Jr has already announced that he’ll run against Biden for the Democratic nomination. And Governor Hair Gel (you know, Gavin Newsom) is frothing at the mouth just ready to be tapped in.

The announcement should be happening this week…and don’t expect a live press conference. Instead, it will be pre-recorded as usual to help us believe that Biden really is competent.