Doctor Claims Biden’s Had Lots of Plastic Surgery

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

No one really likes the signs of aging – so it’s only natural to want to avoid or reverse them if possible. But when the President of the United States has undergone surgeries to look younger, there should be questions.

According to a growing number of medical professionals, including several cosmetic and plastic surgeons, Biden doesn’t seem to be aging, at least as far as his looks go. Although, that doesn’t mean his looks haven’t changed.

If we look back at pictures of Biden from the early 1970s, for instance, we can see a significant receding hairline and plenty of wrinkles. But now, he suddenly has more, not less, hair. And his wrinkles are pretty much nonexistent.

In fact, as more than a few have pointed out, he seems to be aging in reverse, not unlike Brad Pitt’s character in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

However, seeing as how that film is fictional, and people do not actually age in reverse, there’s likely another explanation for Biden’s lack of wrinkles and full head of hair.

According to California plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, Biden likely had about $100,00 worth of plastic surgeries over the years, beginning around 2008.

Motykie explains that there is an “unnaturalness to (Biden’s) hairline” as well as hair that appears to be “grafted” in – both telltale signs that some cosmetic work has been done. Then there are his “pixie ears,” ever-changing eye shape, and lack of forehead and neck wrinkles to consider.

Again, all of those indicate that things like facelifts, brow lifts, and “touch-ups” with fillers and Botox have been done.

Of course, there are no actual records or proof that Biden has had such work done to his appearance. However, Motykie is not the only doctor to have seen the signs and indicators.

Doctor and North Carolina Representative Greg Murphy has also noticed. Surgeons interviewed in 2019 told the Daily Mail that Biden started looking significantly younger and different during his 2008 campaign.

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