Disgusting! Trusted Teacher Had 210 Photos, 31 Videos of 4th-Grade Little Girl

There is no room for a person to be a teacher when their sole purpose is to stalk young girls. Teachers are supposed to be the educator and protectors of children. While the children are in their care, they assume the responsibility to provide a safe place for that child to learn and grow.

But when a teacher becomes the predator, it is the children that suffer. And usually, that teacher is never caught until the unthinkable happens to a child.

James Loganbill was a teacher that violated the most sacred trust between a child and an educator. He is charged with reckless stalking of a 4th-grade girl. His actions are calling for changes to be made to the state laws on how they handle these cases.

Documents reveal what was found on phone of former metro teacher accused of stalking student

Loganbill taught at Meadow Lane Elementary School located in Olathe, Kansas. His insidious actions were notices by other children and then properly reported to the right authorities.

Since he was investigated the police found 210 photos and 31 videos of the same young girl on his personal phone and iPad. This was more than a random recording event. He purposely watched and taped her for his own enjoyment.

It was also discovered that the sick teacher searched the girl’s name more than 39 times hoping to find other information about her.

Loganbill was stalking the girl and the evidence tells a story of his lust towards the girl. But the little girl’s classmates would come to her rescue as they spoke up when they saw him photographing her.

The pictures showed the 4th graders bending over with black tights on. The same event has a video that shows her putting her leg toward her head. The actions of Loganbill are inexcusable. He had no business recording of someone else’s child with his recording devices.

Carl Cornwell is the teacher’s lawyer. He is stating that Loganbill is innocent and the charges against him are false. But the evidence paints another picture. The actions toward the girl were in the initial stages of a coming abduction.

A person usually stalks another person long before they make their move to take possession of them. When the pictures are not enough, the kidnapper will take the person for their enjoyment.

The young girl stated that Loganbill had not come to the point of touching her. However, she stated that she was scared of him. If Loganbill is convicted of the charge, he will face one year in jail.

Many believe that the charge is way too easy and it should carry more of punishment with it. The punishment needs to be more. He has the chance to get out of jail and come after her again.

Steve Howe is the District Attorney and he stated that “If you’re taking multiple pictures of kids who are in, wearing clothes for the sexual desires of that individual, we don’t have the laws under the child protection statutes to cover that type of behavior. We need to be more consistent about educating our kids about what’s proper behavior and whatnot. When we empower those kids, many times they are the ones that report this conduct to a trusted adult.” The kids that ratted out Loganbill are the heroes of the story. They saved her from possible harm and abduction.

Loganbill resigned and was then arrested on the charge. He had been teaching at the school for over 31 years. Parents and others came out and flooded the area with a demonstration to give the message they do not want this to ever happen again. One lady that knew the family is Sara Hart Weir.

And she stated that “I think everyone came out here today because they want to make sure that this never happens to anybody else’s daughter ever again. We send our kids to school every day thinking they’re safe and they’re protected — and she wasn’t.”

Weir pointed out that more needed to be done to keep kids safe. Teachers need to be held to more of an accountable position.

Kids have the right to learn and grow in a safe environment. But for this little girl, she was victimized. But at least she had good friends to look out for her.