Did Hollywood Swarm to Biden’s Side at Obama’s Request?

After a dismal start to the Democratic primary caucuses, former Vice President Joe Biden’s luck has seemed to change, with everybody and anybody endorsing him and flooding the airways with their support.

However, it seems odd that only weeks prior, not word of such immense love for the former V.P., was mentioned. Could it be that Sanders’ early wins scared the party into action or that someone else is pulling the strings in Biden’s favor?

Maybe a combination of the two would be the most accurate.

After Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, it seemed the nomination was nearly in his grasp. And it threw many of the establishment Democrats into a fury.

The main fear is that America, as a whole, is not just ready for the type of government Sanders has in mind.  This means while they might like the sound of those ideas during the primaries, they would be unwilling to give up everything they know for them later in the general election, which would lead to another catastrophic defeat by Donald Trump.

Thus, the establishment is pushing in every way possible for Biden, the more electable and centrist of the two.

Soon after winning his first primary in South Carolina, the leading party members lined up in droves to wish him well and prove their support. Among them were former presidential candidates Senator Amy Klobuchar, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, and former House Representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

These endorsements from his former opponents gave Biden just the edge he needed to see himself through a successful Super Tuesday that won him nine of the fourteen states holding caucuses that day.

But that doesn’t mean his endorsements from the party stopped. Instead, they grew. As numbers came rolling in throughout the next two days, so did the support.

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race and immediately announced his support of Biden, as did a number of leading party members, including former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice and Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid.

And it’s not just politicians who are swarming Joe Biden. Hollywood is in his pocket now too.

The Washington Times reported, “A fundraiser for Jo to e Biden at the Los Angeles home of Paramount Pictures executive Sherry Lansing mushroomed from 80 to 350 attendees it the days after the South Carolina primary. Biden addressed the crowd Wednesday in Lansing’s backyard outside her mansion in Bel Air. Lansing said she had to turn interested donors away after Biden’s strong showing in Tuesday night’s primary. ‘It was a deluge,’ she said.”

But according to some, this sudden rush to support the former veep may have less to do with the party as a whole and more to do a particular former president who would have much to lose if Sanders was given the White House.

Yes, none other than Barack Obama.

First and foremost in jeopardy would be his legacy and baby, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. I mean, it even carries his name.

He and his administration worked tirelessly to put that initiative together and make it work, whether it actually does or not. And Sanders has made it painfully clear that one of the first things he would do in the Oval Office would be to throw Obamacare in the trash and form a new, single-payer healthcare system.

Plus, Obama comes from the establishment of centralism that the party has relied on for years. And while it has increasingly moved toward the left over the years, what Bernie would bring seems to be something completely different and, therefore, altogether scary to Obama’s brand of liberalism that the party seems to want to hold on to.

With Biden in the race, it is made ever so clear by both the candidate and his policies that Obama would still very much be in charge. Biden would simply be his surrogate, building off of what he did and carrying on his legacy in a way, even if the Obama name could no longer technically be attached to it.