Did Drug Smugglers Start the Outbreak on the Destroyer?

There is not an area that has been left untouched by the coronavirus. Every country and region has some person that has been infected by the virus.

One would come to expect that the virus could not make it all the way to a lonely Navy destroyer in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The fact that the ship became infected so far from land only raises the speculation that the virus has been around longer than the past few months.

There has been a lot of speculation as to how the majority of the crew on the destroyer became infected. The investigation has been narrowed down to one cause. At some point, the destroyer intercepted a drug-smuggling boat.

It is believed that one person on the ship spread the sickness to the soldiers on the ship. The reward for doing their job was to see the majority of the sailors get sick. All it took was one selfish smuggler to change the lives of thousands of people on the Navy ship.

Drug smuggling has been a constant battle for years. And now that they unwittingly engage in biological warfare it does massive damage to heroes that protect the borders of the United States. The destroyer had to return to port just one month after setting sail in the Pacific. The engagement with the drug ship caused the crew to become sick.

It was the longest 30 days of the crew’s life as they headed back to port. No one on the ship knew exactly what was happening. The first member of the ship got sick on April 22 and it would not be more than a few days later that over a thousand of them would be sick.

The Democrats would have loved the thought that asymptomatic sailors were making people sick so they could shut the military down.

But Mark Esper stated that “A theory is that they could’ve picked it up on a counterdrug mission where they pulled over a vessel possibly carrying drugs and they boarded the vessel and may have come in contact with somebody carrying the virus there.”

This theory also proves that the virus started in China and not in the United States. The smugglers picked up the virus from their own homeland and brought it to the United States.

The destroyer’s mission supports this theory as its mission was to intercept drug runners on the ocean. President Trump has increased the efforts to bring down the drugs flowing into the country through a more aggressive presence in the Pacific region.

The nasty drug lords have used the coronavirus in the same way as the dumb Democrats. They use it as a cover for their criminal behaviors. The destroyer made it back to San Diego where the sailors could be treated.

Esper stated that “All the proper protocols are being followed to make sure that we get her back to sea as soon as possible.” The destroyer and others like it have had to be disinfected as each sailor gets better.

The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt had a similar issue happen and 4,800 sailors had to be taken off and treated. But now that the ship is ready to leave port it can resume its mission. It will take some time for the destroyer to return to the drug fight, but it will soon. The United States cannot be brought to ruin by a virus.

There are currently 90 ships out to sea. And Mark Esper stated that they are the safest place to be as only two ships have infections. The actions of military leaders and the president have kept people safe through the pandemic. Now, it will take a collective effort of people that love the United States to put things back together again.

The Democrats are not part of that group as they seek to destroy everything that is being opened up. The United States stood strong and prevailed against an unseen enemy. This is a testimony to the mission of President Trump to make America great again.