DHS Had Proof Walls Would Have Slowed the Immigration Crisis

Sherry V Smith / shutterstock.com
Sherry V Smith / shutterstock.com

Internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memos from 2017 unequivocally concluded that the only solution for the mass immigration problems at the southern border is a wall. Survey after survey was done, and then-Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan was informed in June 2017. All 25 areas surveyed returned with the need for a wall, and urgently. Discovered by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) following a public records request, this is a damning piece of evidence.

Per the IRLI report, “For every area of the Southwest border examined, the audit determined that a physical barrier was not only the best option for disrupting irregular migration but also the most cost-effective, as compared to alternatives such as electronic sensors.” Yet according to President Biden, they were nothing more than a “waste of money” and did not fit his agenda. They were “not a serious policy solution.”

Despite President Trump getting 370 miles of border fence up, only 80 miles of that was brand new, with the other 290 installed to replace the old border fence. Given the fact that there are 2,000 miles of border, and more than 60% have no fence at all, our border has a long way to go before it’s truly secured.

Since taking office in January 2021, President Biden has called off all border wall construction, and stricken away plans going forward. The only exception he has made was to replace some wall in Starr County, TX where mass waves of illegals had been pouring through. Now flooding over, many Americans have reached their breaking point. A new survey from the company shows that 4/7 registered voters want DHS to resume building the wall.

As IRLI’s Matt O’Brien said, “Americans, who are justifiably concerned about border security, should be asking themselves why Joe Biden and [Secretary of Homeland Security] Alejandro Mayorkas are so eager to prevent the construction of physical barriers on the southern border…Walls have repeatedly been shown to be the cheapest and most effectual way to protect both national security and public safety.”

Biden doesn’t realize what walls do. This is a concept that people inherently understand since we started living indoors. We realize that shelter can keep us safe from the elements and give us a place to stash things. Just as importantly, if not more so,  we realize that these walls also allow us to keep out the people we don’t want to have access to us, or our stuff.

We have walls up around military bases. We put walls up outside the White House. If you look at anything we have historically wanted to keep safe, we put walls around it. Military bases, the gold at Ft. Knox, and even State and Federal buildings are all surrounded by walls of some kind. We rely on them to keep things safe and sound, so it only makes sense that we would use them for the nation.

Looking at proof like this right in the face and ignoring it as if it’s not a proper suggestion or worth going after is an abomination. The Presidency has a responsibility to investigate such matters and to protect our country most appropriately and effectively as possible. Ignoring the memo from DHS simply because it came under Trump is atrocious. Instead. Biden has sentenced the nation to drowning in illegals, as he and the other liberals try and run their playbook to destroy the nation letter by letter.

Had their recommendations been fully funded and allowed to run full steam ahead in 2017, we would have had the fence up well before COVID hit in 2020. It would have helped to discourage the caravans that built up while Title 42 was enacted. We needed it to stem the tides coming in, and without the wall, we have suffered as a nation under the added financial stressors due to their presence.