Dems Allowing Illegals to Take Control of the Country

In a place where the minority rules, the illegals will prevail. All over the United States, millions of illegal aliens are stealing jobs from people that have the right to work them.

These nasty illegals are not protected as workers under the National Labor Relations Act. The person actually has to be a legal resident of the country to receive this kind of protection from labor laws. But right now the deceptive Democrats are looking for a way to change the NLRA.

Nancy Pelosi loves illegal immigrants. She has brought up a bill that might just allow the illegal immigrant to rule in America.

One person from the Taxpayer Protection Alliance has brought to light that “the dangers of Protecting the Right to Organize, or PRO Act. Under current regulations, workers seeking to unionize can use signed cards to demonstrate that a clear and commanding majority favor unionizing.

At that point, an employer can either accept the unionization or offer workers a secret ballot election. The latter can prevent coercion by unions and protect workers’ voting privacy. Some workers who do not want to unionize will sign cards to give their fellow workers the opportunity to vote. Elections are overseen by the NLRB to ensure they are fair and free.”

Right now, illegal workers cannot take such actions. But if nasty Pelosi has her way illegals can begin suing their employers and get away with it. The psycho Democrats have been trying to do away with the NLRA for some time.

In 2009, they tried and failed to pass a bill to restrict voting rights of workers and it would have paved the way for illegals to unionize themselves. And now they are trying to pass a more subtle version of their failed attempt to high jack legal workers by introducing a bill to favor the illegals stealing from Americans.

The new bill is being seen to be worse off than what was voted down in 2009. The ProAct would give illegals rights that hard-working Americans do not even have. The way that the ProAct would work would “It would make illegal immigrants eligible, for the first time, for back pay, consequential damages and ‘an additional amount…two times the amount of damages awarded.’

Illegal immigrants would also be able to sue the employer in federal court if the NLRB fails to award these remedies within 60 days.” The Democrats are trying to strip away the given rights of Americans.

It is also being discovered that the Act would subject “owners and employers to civil penalties up to $100,000 from accusations by illegal workers. This puts them in the crosshairs for accusations of firing them over their union status rather than being in the country illegally.

A partisan-controlled NLRB could use this provision of the PRO Act to destroy a small business with one ruling favoring an illegal worker – who was never supposed to be covered by American labor laws in the first place.”

The wording of the bill is even scarier as it reads “…no relief under this subsection shall be denied on the basis that the employee is, or was during the time of relevant employment or during the back pay period, an unauthorized alien as defined in section 274A(h)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act ( 8 U.S.C. 1324a(h)(3)) or any other provision of Federal law relating to the unlawful employment of aliens.”

The illegal alien would be able to take advantage of the owner and get away with it legally. They would become legal extortioners.

The Republicans are going to have to stand up for America again. President Trump has already made it clear with what he expects for the country. Illegal favoritism from the liberal Democrats will not be tolerated. Any bill that tears down Americans will be doomed to failure.

The public needs to know that the Democrats are working against them. They are in favor of illegal workers and professional criminals. The nasty Democrats want to destroy America and they are trying to do so with subtle attempts to change the laws that protect the innocent.