Dems Accept Donations From Anyone, Including Dangerous, Sexual Predators

There’s a Democratic megadonor in California by the name of Ed Buck. The Dems love to look to him for donations that will catapult their candidates to the next level to ensure they take office. Ed Buck, however, is not exactly the kind of person that any politician should be turning to.

Ed Buck was recently arrested at his apartment and charged with operating a drug house. They found another person who overdosed at his place of residence. TMZ was able to obtain a video of Buck in the cop car, slumped over, as he was hauled from his home in Hollywood. This happened as crime lab investigators arrived on the scene.

Buck has been experiencing quite a few accusations recently. This includes injecting a man with methamphetamine which led to a non-fatal overdose. He is also dealing with three felony counts, including maintaining a drug house, administering methamphetamine, and battery causing serious injury.

There has been a lot of public scrutiny over Buck, particularly with two men dying in his apartment. Both men suffered from overdoses. The first one was in July 2017 on the second was in January of this year.

Both of the deaths were found to be accidental overdoses. Buck was not charged in either of the accidents. However, the first victim’s mother has filed a wrongful death suit against Buck.

Prosecutors have reported in court documents that book has been able to use his power of manipulation in order to get victims to participate in a variety of different activities within his home. This includes participating in sexual fetishes that lead to injections of narcotics.

Currently, prosecutors are looking to set the bail at $4 million.

Prosecutors identify Buck as a violent, dangerous sexual predator. He has a history of preying on men who were vulnerable to homelessness and addiction. Legal documents obtained by TMC identifying the various ways in which Buck acts as a sexual predator.

With Buck not being the most reputable guy on the planet, it begs the question as to why Dems would even accept money from him. With Buck being classified as a “megadonor,” it’s clear that he’s dropping quite a bit of money in order to stay cozy with the Democrats.

There are many politicians who won’t accept donations from certain individuals or companies. Typically, the idea is that if there’s a donation available, they’ll only take it if it aligns with their campaign platform. For example, someone who doesn’t believe in abortion isn’t going to accept donations from a donor who regularly provides funding to Planned Parenthood.

What does that say about the Democrats, then? They’re willing to accept donations from someone who has a grocery list of pending charges against him. Ed Buck is a man who has a sexual kink involving drugging the men he spends time with.

Most of his victims, er, lovers, are homeless men as well as druggies who are looking for their next fix. This begs the question of how Buck comes into contact with these people. He’s most likely paroling the streets and inviting potential individuals back to his apartment.

Buck, a 65-year-old man, is a multimillionaire who used to identify himself as a conservative Republican. Times have changed and he has donated more than $500,000 to Democrats since 2007.

Quite a number of prominent Democrats have received money from Buck, too. This includes Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential candidacy. It should really come as no surprise that she was willing to take money from someone who has a history of wrongdoing.

The corrupt Democratic action doesn’t stop there. Local Democrats have been more than willing to accept handouts from Buck as well – including city and county officials of Los Angeles as well as various Democratic candidates in the area.

Some contributions are smaller than others. While John Duran was able to get $13,000 when he was running for West Hollywood Mayor, Jackie Lacey only received $100 when running for the Los Angeles County district attorney.

It seems as though dirty and corrupt Democrats stick together. Durand was the subject of his fair share of sexual harassment allegations. Now, several years later, Buck is headed to jail for plenty of wrongdoing of his own.

There are plenty of things that Buck has done wrong – and now it’s in the news for all to see. Democrats are likely accepting the funds from plenty of other criminals, too.

The only difference is that the criminals haven’t gotten caught yet, keeping the Democrats’ dirty secrets safe.