Democrats Illegal Search Trumps Home Pulls Republicans Together

Evan El-Amin/

The wicked witch hunt the Democrats are engaging in against former President Donald has revealed just how many supporters the man has served in politics today. The abuse of power demonstrated by President Biden and his support of the search of Trump’s home shows how paranoid the Democrats have become. The search also shows how desperate the liberals are and what they are willing to do to stay in power.

Trump and his supporters want to know why the FBI raided his home. The Democrats claim that the former president took documents home with him that should have been sent to the National Archive. They claim that the records in question cover his involvement with Russia and the protests on January 6, 2021. Ironically both those incidents are what the Democrats hope they can use to incriminate Trump and keep him from running for president in 2024.

Trump’s supporters are stating that the invasion of his home is a political stunt aimed at damaging the liberal’s competition. The matter of Trump not turning in certain records could have been resolved right after he left office. But the Democrats waited until the midterm elections to make a fuss about the information they thought was held back.

Newsbreak reported that former Vice President Mike Pence stated, “I share the deep concern of millions of Americans over the unprecedented search of the personal residence of President Trump.” Other Republicans are vowing to get to the bottom of why Biden went after Trump with an illegal search of his home.

Biden’s move on Trump was poorly thought through. He could never have imagined how it would unite Trump supporters and fuel the red wave building ahead of the midterm elections. The president wanted to destroy Trump’s influence and power, but all he has done is make it strong.

Newsbreak also reported that Jim Banks, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, is standing firm with the former president. He mentioned that all conservatives are rallied behind the greatest president to ever sit in the White House.

Newsbreak reported that “Banks later told Fox News that he had never seen Trump’ as fired up as what he was tonight,’ and that members encouraged him to again seek the presidency. ‘Everyone in the room encouraged him to run for president again, and the sooner that he gets out and starts campaigning, the better.'”

The home invasion was supposed to suck the life out of Republican campaigns around the country, but it got everyone fired up and ready to kick Biden and his regime out of Washington once and for all. The old man is fearful that his time in the Oval Office is coming to an end.

Donald Trump is being urged to run again in 2024. He has yet to announce anything official. But this act of unprecedented invasion from the left has only fueled his resolve to stay involved in politics.

The White House maintains that the president was never aware of the search of Trump’s home. But such an action cannot be kept secret or even take place without top support from the president’s office. An act of invasion against a former president could only happen if the current president gave his undying support.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell demands to know why the FBI marched into Trump’s home. He maintains that the nation deserves to know exactly why the FBI showed up and precisely what they were looking for. Supporters demand an investigation into the FBI, the Justice Department, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The Democrats realize they cannot beat Donald Trump in a fair presidential election. The 2020 election proves that the liberals must take extreme measures to win certain races. They all fought to have questionable ballot drop-off locations so fraudulent ballots could make their way into the official count records. And now that another election is coming up fast, they must resort to attacking the most influential man in political history to have a chance at winning future races.