Democrats Find Final Way to Disrespect Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Americans were shocked and devastated when the news broke that the Taliban had once again claimed the lives of American service members in Afghanistan. This attack came as American troops were making preparations to withdraw from the Middle East nation after two decades of pushing back radical terrorism and violent dictatorships.

That progress culminated with a suicide bomber blowing up himself and 13 American service members, injuring dozens more, in a final reminder for American soldiers of what the murderous teachings of Islam can prompt people to do when given enough motivation.

President Joe Biden had what, by most accounts, was a devastatingly disastrous meeting with the family members of those who were killed in the Kabul blast, and it has since become abundantly clear that Democrats don’t actually care as much about needless deaths of American soldiers as they are about their anti-military political agenda.

Several Republicans in the House of Representatives reported that one of their Democratic colleagues made sure that the names of the 13 recently fallen American heroes were not allowed to be read on the floor of the house last week.

“While members of one Gold Star family walked out of a meeting with President Joe Biden before he even got a chance to speak with them, one Democrat shut down Republican veterans who wanted to read off the names of those lost,” The Independent Journal Review reported.

The incident came about because Republicans were gathered on the House floor in an effort to introduce legislation that would demand that the Biden administration would take responsibility for the botched troop removal from Afghanistan. This isn’t something Democrats cared to get involved with, obviously, despite that the lawmakers in question were themselves veterans and hoping to pay tribute to their brothers and sisters in arms.

“We gaveled in, had a prayer, said the Pledge of Allegiance, took a moment of silence with pretty much all Republican veterans, then asked to be recognized to read names and bring up Afghanistan legislation. They did not acknowledge us and just closed the House down,” Florida Rep. Brian Mast, himself a combat veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan, told The Floridian on Tuesday according to IJR.

Fox News reported that Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin introduced the bill that required that the Biden administration create a plan that would facilitate Americans who are currently trapped in Afghanistan can get home, a group that the State Department has stated is in the “low hundreds.”

When introducing the bill the 30 something Republicans attempted to ensure the service members got the recognition they deserved when they were gaveled out by Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan, who was presiding over the chamber.

“How can you not read the names?” one member shouted, according to the Washington Examiner. “Turn your back on our country,” another yelled. Illinois Rep. Mary Miller chimed in saying that called Dingell’s move “shameful” on Twitter.

“Don’t you think our military deserves better?” Rep. Carlos Gimenez of Florida tweeted. “We had hoped to have an opportunity to be recognized to move a bill by veteran Mike Gallagher. It’s very simple what we’re requesting,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said at a news conference later in the day, according to Fox. “What is the plan to bring Americans home safely? Not some, but every single American?”

“Speaker Pelosi now is not the time to act like you could not see us on the floor,” he added. “Now is not the time to hide. We are a co-equal branch.”

Democrats have demonstrated once again how little they care about the lives of the American soldier, sailor, and airman, and it’s enough to make anyone’s blood run cold.