Democrats Caught in Lie Over DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is the next most extraordinary person to make his way into the realm of politics. His presence is enough to shake up any room full of liberals because he represents a class of people that stands for freedom and a significant reduction in federal control that the Democrats are trying to take for themselves with each power grab.

The recent attacks against the Floridian governor have been anything but fair. But the truth has been told, and the liberals are looking nastier than ever.

DeSantis was unfairly attacked by the maniacs that work at 60 Minutes. When the television show interviewed him, it was evident that there was a political agenda that the producers were looking to push.

The biased interview was even censored to give the liberals an exact recording of what they wanted to share about Ron DeSantis and the way he handled the rollout of the vaccine in Florida. Somewhere along the line, 60 Minutes was told to smear his name in the mud so he could no longer be a threat to the Democrat’s plans.

The interview was a complete flop for 60 Minutes. It ended up being full of lies that they put together. Their accusations were evidently edited in such a way that it was painfully evident that someone had cut and pasted the show together.

It was so bad for the show that some Democrats in Florida got on the airways and blasted CBS for their lies about how the vaccine was being distributed in the state. 60 Minutes tied to tell the world that DeSantis was giving it to a favored few that were allied with his political campaign.

Everyone knows that DeSantis loves a good media lie to deal with because it ends up making him look great. The governor was brought on as a guest to the Tucker Carlson show, and he took everyone to the cleaners with the truth.

60 Minutes was put on trial for deliberately lying about the rollout of the vaccine in Florida. It just goes to show that the liberals do not investigate their stories before putting their biased spin on them. Publix was not used because of the campaign contribution. But because they had the people and the locations to give shots to people effectively.

He even pointed out with facts there was a deliberate plan in place to vaccinate the seniors living in Florida. To date, there have been 3.5 million seniors vaccinated, which is more than any other state. 60 Minutes should have reported on the success, but they decided to invent conspiracy theory to try and politically damage DeSantis as a governor.

The liberal show tried to smear an excellent grocery chain by stating that they paid off DeSantis for the right to issue the vaccinations. They said nothing about a company that was willing to step up and give shots to people with the purpose of saving lives. The Democrats have lost the ability to see that people and companies are willing to do things with no selfish motive behind their efforts.

DeSantis also debunked the lie that only the deserving were allowed to get the shots. The truth is that DeSantis set up centers at churches and hospitals before Publix was ever brought in to help. And all of these centers were mostly in rural areas.

The greatest part of the truth was that the liberal Mayor of Palm Beach came to the governor’s defense and said that 60 Minutes was a disgrace because of their lies about what was really happening in Florida. It is just driving the liberals crazy to see how well people are living down south. They just can’t fathom that people are living free instead of their self-imposed misery.

The media is not going to stop telling lies until something is done to hold them accountable for the betrayal that they are participating in. DeSantis is the biggest threat to the Democratic Party, and they know it. But each time that they try and take him down, he makes them look foolish and ignorant to the truth.