De Blasio Plays It Crooked To Get More Funding For Campaign Trail

You wouldn’t expect a Democrat from NYC to be quite as crooked as De Blasio. Actually, you would. And, he doesn’t disappoint in his effort to get more for his campaign trail. He’s not getting the votes that he’d like, barely polling in at two percent in most instances. However, that’s not going to keep him away from his fundraising efforts.

Bill de Blasio is all about giving donors something for their money. This isn’t the typical, “I’ll do anything I can to make America a better place” kind of promise, either. The donors that give money to de Blasio want something in return, such as what he can do for them in City Hall. It’s that gangster mindset of the knowing head nod and a slip of cash so that it can’t be traced.

This time, de Blasio may be over his head. His desire to get more campaign funding has placed him smack dab in the middle of a decades-long dispute focusing on succession rights within the Orthodox Jewish Satmar community in New York City.

De Blasio hasn’t qualified for the upcoming primary debates as of yet, which means that he’s desperate to get enough contributions so that he can qualify. Otherwise, the DNC is going to draw a line in the sand – and De Blasio is going to be on the side that he doesn’t want to be on.

He’s been accused of character assassination schemes, forged emails, and pay to play deals.

That’s only half of it, however. Satmar community leaders circulated a request on WhatsApp for $1 donations. This would help de Blasio get the 130,000 required contributors so that he can qualify for the September debate aced on the requirements that the DNC has.

All of this sounds on the up and up until anyone looks closely at the request. The goal wasn’t to support any kind of presidential bid, which everyone sees as a longshot. Instead, it was to get in his good graces.

De Blasio is one of over two dozen presidential candidates who have thrown their hat in the ring to run for 2020 President. However, he has been struggling to qualify for each DNC round of debates.

Only 10 of the candidates has been able to qualify for the September debate as of right now – including front runners such as Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Harris. If De Blasio can’t even qualify without struggling up until the deadline, he’s more than a longshot to get the presidential nomination.

However, De Blasio doesn’t plan on giving up. Instead, he’s allowing the Satmar community leaders to continue to fundraise for him – because he is the epitome of a good old boy who wants to make sure that people are paying him in order to get things done around the city.

One of the campaigns, written in Yiddish, asks people for the one dollar campaigns so that he can make it to the Democratic debate. It goes on to explain that the mayor promises a new synagogue will be open prior to the upcoming Sukkos holiday.

All of this is proof that De Blasio is one of the “what have you done for me lately?” kinds of politicians that make up the swamp in DC. He’s exactly the kind of politician that Trump has been trying to drain out and is not what the US needs in office at this point in time.

Not surprisingly, a mayoral spokesperson has claimed that allegations of quid pro quo activity are false and inaccurate. Leaders within the Satmar community say otherwise, however.

De Blasio claims that he’s all about the grassroots campaigning and wants to distance himself from the big money in politics. He’s been working to travel around the country.

Most of his donations come from real estate, legal, and finance circles. However, the circles that he’s running in must be pretty small if he can’t seem to get enough donations to qualify for the upcoming DNC debate.

Additionally, he’s being investigated by the Federal Election Commission because he’s using two political action committees – something that all Democratic candidates have said that they would not do so that they don’t repeat the past mistakes of Obama.

De Blasio is on his way out. He’s just too much of a NYC gangster to admit defeat. Without the money and without the numbers in the polls, he’s likely not going to see the DNC debate stage in September.

However, he’ll tell anyone what they want to hear in order to get a vote and a bit more money lining his pockets.