De Blasio Bullied into Endangering New Yorkers–He Caved

New York City has lost control of its people. First, Mayor Bill De Blasio blamed it on NYPD because they weren’t doing enough to help against the rioters and protesters.

Now, things have gone so far that too many of the Democratic citizens think it’s a good thing to be without the police.

Even high schoolers are calling for police free schools. But, why? Why wouldn’t high schools want to have police presence? It wards off the bad and ensures that there are no issues.

Because they’ve fallen victim to too many Democrats and protesters identifying that police are bad.

A quick look at what Seattle residents are dealing with would change their minds. Police are needed to maintain the law within the city. Without it, there’s no one to respond to 911 calls.

Without police, countless New Yorkers would fall victim to crimes of abuse, battery, theft, and more.

De Blasio has been bullied to the point that he’ll be putting all New Yorkers in grave danger by taking $1 billion out of the NYPD budget. To top it off, he thinks it’s a great idea.

NYPD has a $6 billion budget. Cutting a billion, like activists and City Council members have been demanding, is a considerable cut. It will cause bigger problems than what the police department is dealing with now. Such a reduction means cutting officers, reducing training, and more.

Rather than fighting the protesters and City Council members, De Blasio gave in to their bullying. He has confirmed that there will be a cut, which includes canceling 1100 police recruits and moving school safety agents into the Department of Education.

While it will take a few years to see all of the cuts take effect, it also means that there will be money being moved into youth recreation centers and public housing.

Meanwhile, it’s still not enough. A spokesperson for Communities United for Police Reform, Anthonine Pierre, is saying that the mayor is using “funny math and budget tricks” to think that the plan is meeting the demands of the movement. If it were up to Pierre and his group, they would want to see a full hiring freeze – and such a thing is just not realistic.

De Blasio has been bullied enough. Want to know what happens when mayors get bullied to the point that they give in completely? They become like Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle, with CHOP taking over the downtown area and kicking the police out of their precinct.

De Blasio needs to be careful in the next few weeks if he continues to give in to some of the demands. He’s not looking to kick all of the police out. He wants to keep them operating. He’s shifting money while also ensuring that other areas have money. However, he has given the protesters a taste of what they want – and now that they have that, they’re going to want more and more.

The NYC mayor has proven that he’s capable of being swayed. He’s capable of being bullied.

The biggest problem is that too many of the protesters are saying “reform” when they really mean “abolish.” If they wanted reform, they’d know that it takes money to do that. It would mean spending more money on hiring and training – and cutting a billion dollars doesn’t accomplish that in any capacity – and shame on De Blasio for not realizing that.

New Yorkers are going to be in danger. With less money in the hands of NYPD, it can take longer to respond to 911 calls. It can also be harder to keep the schools safe.

As crime starts to skyrocket, they’ll learn that the NYPD has been doing their job all along. It will literally take more crime before NYC residents understand the gravity of what the police do on a daily basis. By then, the protesters will have bullied the mayor into submission, and there may be no hope left.