Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal Intensifies – More Deaths Than First Thought

New York’s Infamous Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was initially praised for his expert handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. He was credited with saving an untold number of lives as he quickly responded to the crisis at hand faster than a flying bullet. But NYC is not in actuality Gotham City, and no caped hero came to the rescue, including Cuomo and his self-stated superpower abilities.

In fact, rather than be credited with saving lives, he is now taking the rap for what could easily add up to over 10,000 nursing home deaths once all is said and done, and of course, counted. And the counting has just begun.

Naturally, and as well expected, Andrew Cuomo has found the audacity to outrageously point his crooked finger at Donald J. Trump, the very man who is leading us through this pandemic with his uncanny ability to always get things right. Go figure.

Cuomo even went as far as to tell people to not blame his state for following the president’s guidelines, when he did nothing of the sort. Cuomo was independently calling the shots and he missed the target by going off half-cocked on his own, based only on his personal assumption that he knew much better than the president. This was his first mistake but certainly was not to be his last.

Cuomo claimed he was merely following the president’s directive, but what he fails to own up to is how he clearly misread a memo dated March 13, which simply stated how nursing homes whose current residents are released from a hospital which is battling Covid-19, should allow them back into the nursing home.

It did not say it was okay to allow patients who are fighting Covid-19 themselves, back into a nursing home. To the average, everyday American citizen, Trump’s declaration and suggestions make perfect sense. But Andrew Cuomo is not your average Joe.

He’s headstrong and always knows what’s best, for him, and him alone. Because of his ardent lack of reasoning, and his failure to follow the president’s advice, the good Governor now has blood on his hands. Lots of it.

Ignoring America’s Commander-in-Chief was only the first of Cuomo’s dastardly errors in judgment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could not strongly enough emphasize the dangers of allowing Covid-19 into nursing homes where it would prey on the sick and elderly. The results would be unfathomable.

Far beyond the imaginations capability. The CDC even went as far as to issue the following statement way back in mid-March: “once COVID-19 has been introduced into a long term care facility, it has the potential to result in high attack rates among residents, staff members, and visitors.” The CDC further stated, more in the form of a warning: “it is critical that long-term care facilities implement active measures to prevent the introduction of COVID-19.”

It would appear as if Andrew Cuomo never received the memo, though we are all fully aware he did. He in his infinite lack of wisdom chose to ignore it. He’s Andrew Cuomo.

But this is where things get even better. One short week following the original memo from the CDC, Cuomo, on March 25, issued his own directive which mandated nursing homes to not only accept Covid-19 patients but to also completely and brainlessly exempt any new admissions from Covid-19 testing, in direct violation of the prescribed national guidelines, and placing every resident and staff member in danger. But once again, Cuomo knew better, or so he wrongly thought.

To no avail, the National Association of Nursing Home Doctor’s protested Cuomo’s death-defying act as complete incompetence. A strongly voiced patient advocacy group, The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, unmercifully pleaded with Cuomo to put a halt to what he was doing, which was killing people, but they too failed in their efforts.

It’s been suggested how the best way to fully understand Cuomo’s actions, which can be described as no less than evil, would be to follow the money trail. There’s a lot of money in the nursing home business.

In addition to NY, two other states began following Cuomo’s lead until the death count began to rise, at which time they wised up and pulled back, while Cuomo remained greedy and stupid. The latter of the two not by choice.